Monday, June 17, 2019

High School Graduation Gift Ideas

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It's high school graduation season! Which means you most likely have to pick out a gift for a grad in your life. Whether it be a sibling, cousin, or just a family friend I always think its so hard to think of gift ideas. Obviously everyone appreciates a nice check or cash. But, I prefer to think of something more unique or things they can use in college or the next step in their lives. So today I'm sharing some of my graduation gift picks perfect for the grad you know heading off to college next year!

This guide is themed for University of Alabama because that is where the grad I was shopping for is going! You can easily switch this up to whatever school your grad is heading off too.

Guys are always harder to shop for, but I thought of a few basic ideas that could work for a guy graduate! First up is a nice performance polo with their college logo or colors. This will be a great piece for them to wear around campus, at sporting events, or for whatever! My boyfriend lived in these during college and after so they are really great gifts to give for the long haul. Next up is a tie clip! This one is from Nordstrom and is under $40 so you could even clip this to a check or some cash for an extra bonus gift.

There are a few gift ideas that could work for literally anyone graduating! I love the idea of giving gift cards to food or coffee places on campus that they can use once they get to school. Ask friends that have been to that school for ideas on what is popular in the area. But, Starbucks is always a safe bet too. Next up, a personalized Yeti tumbler is the perfect gift for anyone. Again, you could always slip some cash or a check inside and just make this a fun extra gift. I used my Yeti cup in my college apartment like crazy. They are also great to use on campus as a reusable option. Plus, it keeps your drink super cold all day while you are walking around from class to the library then back to your dorm or apartment. Another easy idea is a key fob or keychain. I use a Smathers & Branson key fob and I love it! I've had a Pi Beta Phi sorority one as well but currently mine is from Keeneland. You could also get a generic key chain, key fob, or landyard if you don't want it to scream the university they are going too. I also love the idea of giving them an ornament to show off their new school. I am such an ornament or Christmas person and I love getting them as gifts. Whenever I see an ornament I remember who gave it to me, which is a fun memory!

Next up are some gift ideas for the lady graduates in your life. For a splurge gift you can opt for a designer crossbody bag in their school colors or a classic color. This will be a gift they keep forever! If you'd rather not splurge quite that much you could opt for just a fun crossbody purse they can use for going out or an everyday tote bag. Speaking of bags most stadiums now have a clear bag policy. Personally I have this Packed Party crossbody bag in gold, also comes in black, and it is fabulous! For under $50 the quality is great and will be a super useful gift for any grad planning on going to football or basketball games at school. Plus, it's nice enough that it's not cheap looking but its not super expensive to the point you'd be worrying about someone stealing it. Another great gift would be a customized item from Stoney Clover Lane. I love this striped clutch in their school colors with a fun varsity letter patch or a college patch! They have this Tuscaloosa patch which is obviously perfect for any Bama fan. You could also do their initials, monogram, or just a fun random patch. These are great for packing for trips home, throwing in their backpack or tote, or for other random uses. Another useful gift is an agenda! I love Erin Condren agendas, but you can always get a more affordable option like The Happy Planner at Michael's or Hobby Lobby. But, you can customize the Erin Condren with their name on the cover, pictures, and more! One more splurge gift would be a fun piece of jewelry. I think this Alabama crest necklace is so pretty. Although a little dainty Tiffany and Co. necklace would be a great idea as well. Lastly, are a few random small gifts that would be useful in a dorm like a face mask, hair scrunchie, or other random essentials. I love the idea of creating an essentials kit of items you loved during college or things that you'd find useful.

What would you love to receive as a graduation gift? Let me know in the comments! 

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