Monday, June 10, 2019

Sew Cute Travels: Stoney Clover Lane Pouches

It's no secret I travel... A LOT. So, I'm sharing one of my biggest go-to products when it comes to packing. Stoney Clover Lane pouches have been a game changer to keep my suitcase organized and stylish. 

I discovered Stoney Clover Lane years ago for their fun Liberty fabric bracelets. But now they are well known for their pouches, duffle bags, and travel accessories. I am a huge fan of the brand and have a lot of pouches to help make packing easier. Plus you can customize their pouches with patches! Whether you put a nickname, your initials, or the use of the pouch there are so many combinations and options. 

Today, I wanted to share how I use each pouch for different packing purposes....

Mini Pouch | First up is my most used pouch, the mini pouch! I use the pouch on an everyday basis and for traveling. This size makes the perfect everyday makeup bag to throw in your purse. I have a powder compact, foundation compact, lip balm, lipstick, medicine, tide to go stick, and a few other essentials that I keep in my mini for my purse. For traveling I have a plane pouch which I keep my headphones, medicine, hand sanitizer, and other plane essentials so they are at easy reach. Usually I will place my pouch in the back seat pocket for easy access during the flight. What I love about the mini pouch is that it has so many uses! Plus, it's small enough that it fits in a wide variety of bags. You can even place it in a large Stoney Clover Lane pouch.

Small Pouch | The small pouch is the next size up from the mini and is a long rectangle shape. This makes it perfect for cosmetics and toiletries! When traveling I keep all of my makeup in a small pouch. It has room for my foundation, powder, eyeshadow palette, brushes, and other makeup essentials. This keeps everything in one spot and super organized. I also travel with another small pouch which I keep my hair stuff in. I usually have a hair brush, wet brush, full size Dry Bar dry shampoo, small size hair spray, and a tin of hair ties. Both of these pouches house everything beauty related I need, but keeps it separate and organized.

Large Pouch | Next up is my newest pouch to my collection, the large pouch. The large pouch holds two small pouches so I keep my makeup and hair pouches in one large pouch. This helps me keep both pouches together and organized in my suitcase. Plus, in case something explodes in my bag everything is contained in my large pouch. Even with two large pouches I can still fit some other items on the top or within the pouch. I usually throw my toothbrush, toothpaste, body wash, and shampoo in the large pouch in addition to the other two pouches.

Flat Pouch | Flat pouches are super fun to carry as a clutch or use to organize accessories! I use flat pouches to store accessories like headbands, jewelry, or neck scarves when going on a trip. When going to Disney I usually will throw my magic band, Disney pins, and other small accessories in a flat pouch to keep in my carryon.

Jewelry Box | A more obvious travel item is the Stoney Clover Lane jewelry box. This box has really helped my organize my jewelry when traveling. It's nice because it is a box shape so you aren't constricted when putting your jewelry in it. Since I wear a lot of statement earrings this box makes it easy to pack them!

Hopefully this post gives you an idea on how you can use different Stoney Clover Lane pouches! I feel like people are always super interested in my packing tips and this is a major key to my packing. Also, if you've been thinking of picking up a pouch this can give you an idea on how you can use them to pack. 

Have you purchased from Stoney Clover Lane before? Let me know in the comments! 

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