Monday, July 15, 2019

Amazon Prime Day Deals July 15th!

Have you seen enough about sales yet? Probably. But here we are again with another sale post, this time for Amazon Prime Day deals! I was browsing through the sale deals and I found some pretty good ones while sorting through the hundreds of products. I don't know much about tech, so I'll keep my suggestions to beauty and fashion. My expertise! 

There are some great deals on beauty tools during the sale. Like this Hot Tools curling iron is on sale! I've used Hot Tools curling irons for quite some time and I love them. So for sure worth picking one up if you are in the market for a new curling iron. I also saw some heated brushes, the Beachwaver, and some blow dryers on sale as well! There are also facial brushes and more skincare focused devices included as well. Whether you want to step up your hair game or skincare routine the sale has some great deals to help that. 

Beauty in general is a good category for the sale. My go-to beauty product Garnier Micellar water is on sale! You get two huge bottles for a great deal. I swear by this stuff. No makeup wipes for me! ONLY Micellar water. 

Of course there are a ton of fashion and clothing options available in the sale. One brand that stuck out to me was Adidas! They have some cute sneakers and workout clothing included. Also, noticed some fun Amazon brand bags like this clear tote that every blogger has and some fun straw options. 

Some random items that I found were some iPhone charging cables, who ever has enough of those? Then a Cricut!!! If you are a crafting nerd like me then you will love a Cricut machine. My mom has one and I love using it for scrapbooking, making cards, really the sky is the limit. Then of course products like Amazon Dots are included in the sale too. I know very little about technology, but read some reviews and score a good deal on things like TVs, tablets, and other tech during the sale as well.

You can shop all of these products below!

Well, that is everything that caught my eye in the sale! What are you planning on stocking up on? XOXO 

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