Friday, July 12, 2019

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: Items I Already Own

It is time.... for the Nordstrom Sale! I know I know... you've already seen 5,000 blogposts, Instagram posts, email blasts, Instagram stories you name it on this dang sale. Well, I'm here to tell you that it isn't going to get better. So I'm sorry. BUT, I am here to share products and categories that I think will benefit YOU! 

 My approach for this sale is to show you items I already own, items I am buying, or items I think that will work well for my followers. Over the next few days I will put out a bunch of different posts highlighting things that I like and enjoy. There will be coverage here on my blog, on Instagram, and be sure to follow me on the LikedToKnowIt APP. To find me on the app look up my username miranda_pollitt19! 

 In today's post I am sharing items that I have bought in years past that have come back! These are all items I own or I own similar items. I've used these items, worn them, and tested them out. In some cases I think the quality has slipped in some and in others it's stayed exactly the same. So, keep that in mind while shopping!


 Last year I purchased two home products that I really loved and they brought them back this year! First up is this tassel throw blanket. This thing is sooooo soft! And it is one of the more affordable blanket options in the sale. Mine is a coral pink color which appears to be the same color they are offering this year. It's great as decor or for lounging around. I also picked up a Volcano candle last year. These sold out literally on the first or second day of the pre-sale. I'm so glad I scooped it up when I did. Be sure to pick these up ASAP if you want them! It's a good time to stock up on these candles because normally they are $30+ at Anthropologie full price.


 During the sale a year ago I picked up a pair of Cole Haann cheetah booties. For this years sale they brought back a Cole Haan cheetah boot option. But, honestly they do not look as good of quality this year. Granite I am going in store today so I will double check quality. However, I think I'd suggest looking at different brands for a cheetah bootie option. There are so many offered that there is bound to be a good one in the bunch!

 I love this sneaker. I bought a pair last year and the year before. Simply because I wanted a backup pair and the fabrications were slightly different. These go with so much! I wear them to Disney, just out and about, or even for work/ traveling. They are a great comfortable sneaker that don't look super athletic which is nice.

 Another one of my go-to sneakers. This is a rust color and mine are a white leather option. I tried to purchase the blush pink from last years sale but ended up returning them. They run SUPER small! So, I'd recommend sizing up or ordering 2 sizes to see what works best.

We all know and love Ugg and Hunter so these are self explanatory. Last year I picked up a pair of Ugg boots and thanks to my puppy Chuck they are not looking to hot... so we will be picking up a new pair. Thanks Chuck! I bought a pair of Hunter rain boots very similar to these about 3-4 years ago. Mine had a zipper down the back but they are virtually the same color and style. I like this shorter style compared to the tall because they don't bother my knees as much. If you are short like me these are the way to go.

 I'm kind of on a watch kick lately so seeing these in the sale is very tempting. I purchased my Michelle Deco watch at full price for a birthday present back in college I believe. It is a great investment piece. Like most high end watches the straps are interchangeable so it is very versatile. Then I have been on a Shinola obsession lately and have purchased two watches in the past probably two months #oops. So, take advantage of these two on sale during the sale! Can't say enough good things about Michelle and Shinola watches. For sure worth the splurge as you will have them forever.

 This was a splurge item for me I think two years ago. Obviously mine isn't covered in diamonds, but if you are trying to be fancy go for it. I wear my bracelet that is this style literally every single day. I'm not kidding. It is such a great piece and they are super neutral so you can wear it with anything. For sure worth the investment again!

 I bought this basically EXACT style bag I think 2-3 years ago from the N Sale. This one for sure looks like worse quality not going to lie. But, again haven't seen it in person (will report back). But, I thought it would be worth mentioning. It's a nice style because you can wear it on your shoulder or convert the straps to a crossbody. Then Longchamp bags are a classic for me. This style expands to be much bigger, which is nice for travel! You can't go wrong with a basic navy or black Longchamp. If you don't own one already I highly recommend them.


 If you don't already know, I work for Barbour on their sales team. SO SHAMELESS PLUG BUT be sure to shop the Barbour jackets during this sale. They are all exclusive too Nordstrom so you cannot find these jackets anywhere else. You will not see deals like this on Barbour this early in the season anywhere else! Most of them are around 40% off I believe. Wax jackets are a great starting point if you are new to Barbour. They are what we are most well known for. Our rain jackets, also known as Waterproof Breathables, are 100% waterproof! These jackets are more expensive because they have a lot of technology and work that is built into them. Then of course a basic quilt is a staple in anyones coat wardrobe!

 I've purchased countless Kendra Scott items from sales past. I've purchased earrings, bracelets, necklace, you name it. They have some great pieces this year for good prices so be sure to check those out.


 This sweater is basically a crew neck dupe for my Atlantic Pacific sweater I love! For sure recommend this and I for sure think it will sell quickly.

 Beauty Blender gift set for the win! I purchased this exact set last year and I do not regret it. The carrying case is actually amazing, perfect for travel. Plus it's basically a buy one get one free ish deal for a beauty blender. Those things ain't cheap man!

Those are all of the items included in this years sale that I own! Please let me know if you have specific questions on any of these products. Again, some of these items are the new or updated versions of the products I have previously purchased. So, they may not be exactly the same but they are pretty close! Be on the lookout for more Nordstrom sale product this weekend and upcoming week! 

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