Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Sew Cute Holiday: Jetsetter Gift Guide

As you may know I am legit always on the go! I've been on over 30 flights this year alone. So, I like to think of myself as the jetsetting expert. That is why I knew I had to create another travel themed gift guide this year. All of these items I use while traveling! These products are trusted and tested by me. You can also look at this as my travel essentials guide as well as a gift guide. After many trial and errors I've finally found my go-to travel products and a system that works for me. All of these items are included in that system! 

When it comes to beauty travel essentials I have a few key items. I am really loving this Summer Friday's jet lag mask. My skin always gets dry when I travel on planes. This helps the cause. You can put it on at night or even while you are on the plane if you have a long flight. Teleties or Invisibobble are my go-to hair ties while traveling. They don't crease your hair so it makes them the perfect hair tie to throw up your hair on the plane then be ready to let it down once you land. It also helps reduce static in my hair by putting it up on the plane ride! A mini wet brush is also an essential. I rely on my WetBrush daily so having a mini one helps fit it in my travel bag easier. 

My main travel essential is Stoney Clover Lane pouches. I use them for everything! My makeup, skincare, hair products, plane essentials, and more. I use small pouches for my hair and makeup products then place those into a large pouch. Plane essentials are stored in my mini pouch that I always keep in my duffle bag. In there I keep a pair of headphones, medicine, lip balm, hair ties, and other things I may want easy access to on the plane. 

Away and Dagne & Dover are my go-to luggage brands. I swear by the Bigger Carry-On by away. Easily I can pack for a 4 day trip in this suitcase! It really compresses everything and makes it so easy to pack in. Plus, it is uber stylish. Ditch the old ugly black suitcase and get someone on your list this amazing bag! Then the duffle bag I swear by is the large Landon Carryall from Dagne & Dover. It has a ton of great compartments and can expand. You can put a 13 inch laptop (i've put two in it), two pairs of shoes, and other essentials. This bag saves lives people! I've tried so many combinations of bags and suitcases and this is what works. Plus they are easy on the eyes. 

Other travel essentials include my foldable Longchamp tote. I usually bring this as my purse on trips as you can fold it up in your duffle to get through security and on the plane. Then unfold it when you are ready to use it! That way you don't have to waste your personal item on a small purse. My Barefoot Dreams cardigan is a great travel piece as well. It's super cozy so it's great to wear on the plane or while you are hanging out in your hotel room. If the person your shopping for travels for work I recommend this little envelope to keep receipts in! Keeping a special place for receipts keeps me super organized on my work trips. Lastly I love these travel cubes! I've had them for a long time but they hold up great and help keep my suitcase organized. 

Another great gift idea for the jetsetter on your list is gift cards to their preferred airline or money towards TSA pre-check! TSA pre-check saves lives people!!! I've had it for a while now and I zoom through security. I don't think I've ever waited more then 10min in the security line. It is amazing. Airline gift cards also make a great gift! In the past I got a Southwest gift card for Christmas and it helped me pay for a fun trip to visit friends. So, that is also another great idea to help the jetsetter your shopping for get to their next destination. 

I hope you found this post helpful whether you are shopping for a travel queen or looking to up your travel system. These are all products I trust and I couldn't recommend them enough! Safe travels to all and to all a goodnight! 

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