Monday, November 4, 2019

Winter Skincare: Sephora Sale!

The Sephora Holiday Bonus sale is upon us! This sale give Sephora Beauty Insider members up to 20% off your entire purchase. Woah, Sephora barely has sales so you have to be sure to take advantage of these deals! If you haven't already be sure to sign up for Sephora Beauty Insider to qualify for the discount. Then you can shop on your tier level's time frame. If you are a Rouge member you can start shopping now with the code HOLIDAYSAVE. Not Rouge status? No worries! You can shop the sale starting November 7th and ending November 11th. 

Today I've rounded up my favorite skincare products that I am currently using. Every product on this guide I have used, tested, and in some cases even repurchased. I really stand behind all of these products! When recommending skincare I try not to show off anything I haven't used because I want to make sure it's good. My skin is dry but sometimes oily. The oily part is a recent development. So, if you have combo skin or dry skin these recommendations will be great for you!

TATCHA FACE PRIMER | This silk skin primer really helps prevent makeup from getting deep into your pours. Apply it with your fingers to create a nice base layer for your makeup! 

TATCHA DUO | I've really started loving Tatcha skincare recently. The price tag is sometimes steep but that's why I love the travel size versions! They last so long and that way you can try it out before you commit to a full size product. This set includes a moisturizer and a cleanser. Or you can opt for a larger set to try more products!

ROSE FACE MIST | I got this product as part of my Sephora Play subscription and I really like it! It's a nice little mist to use to refresh your skin. Plus it smells like dreamy roses. 

CLINIQUE FACE WASH | The last Sephora sale I picked up this face wash and I love it! It's a great everyday face wash as it doesn't aggravate my skin or have a scent. Super easy and simple. Plus, I feel like you can always trust Clinique! 

PETER THOMAS ROTH CREAMS | Okay, these two moisturizers are my holy grail. Don't be scared of the price because these babies work. I've repurchased the Cloud Cream about 2 times and the Green Releaf once. If you have dry skin in the winter these are must have products. I alternate which one I use each night. But, if you had to pick one I would for sure recommend the Cloud Cream. My skin gets flaky and gross in the winter and this is the only moisturizer I have found that really helps! This is the best time to pick it up as it never goes on sale!

CAUDAILE SKINCARE | I've tried all three of these Caudaile products and I love them! This detox mask is great for travel, the foam cleanser is also something I throw in my travel bag, then the moisturizer is a great clean option! If you had to try one I'd for sure recommend the mask. I had a mini version and I used every last drop. It's great for getting your skin back to a good place if you've had a breakout or you've been traveling a ton!

DRUNK ELEPHANT | Another more pricey brand that I think is worth the hype. This jelly cleanser is one of my favorites I've tried. But, if you want to try minis of the products I love this set! Their products are also green so if you are looking for good vegan skincare Drunk Elephant may be for you. I keep this face wash in my shower and use pretty much every day at night! 

MASKS | Summer Friday's Jet Lag mask and Glow Recipe's watermelon mask are also items I'd recommend picking up. This Jet Lag mask legit saves lives after I've traveled or while I'm traveling. I have the smaller size that I keep in my cosmetic travel bag. It gives you a TON of moisture which is great after hopping off a plane. For longer flights you could even apply it on the plane. If you are looking for another great travel size mask I love this one from Glow Recipe. It smells delicious and also gives you soft skin. 

CLARISONIC | If you are in the market to try a skincare tool during the Sephora sale is a great time to try one. I've had the Clarisonic Mia Prima and I really like it! It gives you a super deep clean that hands just can't give you. Again, pick this buddy up while it is on sale! 

What are your skincare must-haves that you'll be picking up from the sale? Let me know in the comments!


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