Monday, August 31, 2015

Sew Cute Abroad: Week 1 Recap

Our first week of study abroad included a week long orientation at LCF. At orientation we learned basic facts about the school, got our class schedule, and had our first few classes! One of my favorite parts of orientation was being assigned to explore with a team. We were given an envelope with different slips of paper with instructions on where to go. It was a great way to explore the city and to make us venture out of our normal areas. After that I feel a lot more confident to explore on our own! So, here are a few pictures of my adventures this past week. 

One of the days we didn't have much to do for orientation. So we took a trip to the Tate Modern museum. It was awesome to experience art in the city. One of my favorite pieces was this engine that had crystals formed on it. It was an incredible piece! We also walked past St. Paul's Cathedral which was gorgeous. I love seeing different major landmarks of the city. 

After orientation one day my friends and I were craving Mexican food! So, we decided to go to a small place near Oxford Circus called Bintos. We got some great food and margaritas! Afterwards we decided to explore a British department store Liberty. Let me tell you, Liberty is perfection! I would compare Liberty to a Saks Fith Avenue or a Bergdorf Goodmans. It has very high end designers. But, Liberty has its own line of floral pieces that are to die for! To say I'm in love would be an understatement. From shirts, accessories, to housewares they have some adorable and chic pieces in their collection. I went a little crazy in their stationary department. I picked up a travel notebook set, a floral Liberty notebook, floral pencils, a piece of floral paper I plan to frame for my future gallery wall, as well as some cute cards! (Would you like one huge London haul or mini hauls? Let me know in the comments!)


On our day of exploring for class we ventured around different areas. For lunch we stumbled upon Wahaca which was a really cool mexican restaurant that was made out of old shipping containers that were painted in bright colors. It was a really neat place!    

After lunch we made our way to Covent Garden which had a bunch of cute shops and places to eat. They had this amazing balloon display which was breath taking! So naturally we had to take some pictures. We walked around there and shopped and explored. What I love about London is that there is so much to see everywhere. There isn't a boring part of the city. 

What posts do you want me to do while in London? Let me know in the comments! 

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Agenda Battle: Erin Condren

Next installment in the Agenda Battle is the Erin Condren planner! I received this planner as a gift from working with a t-shirt company on campus my freshman year. This planner is great for someone who wants to schedule their day but not be over scheduled. If you want a more organized version of a Lilly planner I suggest this one! It still gives you bright and colorful pages, tabs, and stickers but in a more sophisticated simple way. 

What you need to know about the Erin Condren planner.... 
  • Each day is broken up by morning, afternoon, and evening for easy planning without planning it by the time 
  • Each month you have a calendar where you can write assignments and events 
  • The planner has a durable spiral which is great for putting it in and out of a backpack 
  • The cover is laminated which is great for spills and just overall is more durable for the student on the go 

I LOVED this planner! I got my Lilly planner after it and I have to say I like this better. It is more organized and offers me to break things down by time of day. Also, this planner is super durable which is nice because I feel like some planners just fall apart. Overall, this is a great student planner! It's perfect for the student on the go and for someone who wants to layout their day. 

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What planner do you like best from the series? Which do you think would work best for you? Let me know in the comments! 

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Sew Cute Abroad: London Calling

Well it's official! I have now been in London for 5 full days now! We haven't done much yet due to the fact we are still very jet-lagged. The first day we hit the ground running and went to a pub, dinner, a bar, then a club. It was a lot of fun but ever since I have been trying to makeup sleep! But none the less London is fabulous and I can't wait to explore some more. Our first week at the London College of Fashion is all orientation. So, until my real classes start I can't tell you much about them! But, this weekend we plan to travel to some markets, see street art, and hopefully explore things a little more. For now here are a few pictures from my travels thus far...... 


L: I posted this photo on my Instagram! I wore the adorable logo Jadelynn Brooke tee for the plane ride. It was super comfortable and super adorable. 
R: I have to say, having the drinking age at 18 in the UK is a great perk. I've been trying a lot of cider and wine while I've been here. It's nice to actually try beverages at a restaurant and go to bars/ clubs!

We've done quite a bit of shopping in our first weekend! We took a trip to Primark, Tiger, and Topshop. I got some cute things from all of the places. I am OBSESSED with the Oxford Circus Topshop. It is unlike any Topshop I've been to in the US. In the store they have multiple floors with different thing on each floor. When you walk in on the first floor there are little boutiques almost of different jewelry and accessories. They had vintage things to London based designers. I picked up a vintage ring from the 70's that reminds me of Blair Waldorf's ruby ring. They also had a cupcake shop, frozen yogurt, and women's apparel. As you went down you found sale and more Topshop apparel, but the bottom floor was my favorite. Here there were shoes and designer collections. I scored an adorable vintage inspired top and a houndstooth dress from the designer section. They had different London designers which was so cool! If I had to shop at only one place in London it would be there. It was amazing! 

Primark is like a better Forever 21. I think they had cuter clothes and it was HUGE. You could spend hours in there and get very lost! I found some cute stuff for myself along with gifts for my friend Maureen and my boyfriend. I am continually on the hunt for gifts for my friends because I want to bring them back some cool goodies! Tiger is a little stationary/ odds and ends store. They had a little bit of everything and nothing was more then 3 pounds which is awesome! I got a bunch of cute things for only 8 pounds which is a steal. 

Well thats all for now! Be on the lookout for more posts on what I am doing while studying abroad! A shopping haul and other posts should be up shortly! 

What posts do you want me to do while I study abroad? Let me know in the comments! 

Monday, August 24, 2015

What to wear to... Golf

Over the summer I became an expert in sitting in golf carts and dressing up for a golf course. But, figuring out what was course appropriate took a little time. So here are my suggestions on how to dress for a day of golf (well sitting in the golf cart....). 

My go-to golf look is either a skirt or skort with some type of collared shirt or nice top. I love wearing my Lilly skort with some sort of white button down. I also found these adorable golf skirts and polos at Sydney Elizabeth which is a golf clothing company! They have SUPER cute printed skorts that are perfect for a Lilly lover. You can also pick up golf polos at Vineyard Vines or just wear a polo that you already have. 

But, you can also wear active wear golf clothing if you plan on actually golfing! However, for my purposes I just relax and DJ in the golf cart. 

Most golf courses/ country clubs have a dress code so be sure to do some research before you go somewhere new or before you golf for the first time. 

Here are a  few examples of things that I have worn on the golf course this summer..... 

Skirt: J Crew 
Top: Forever 21 
Necklace: J Crew 

Top: J Crew 
Skirt: Lilly Pulitzer 

Skirt: J Crew 
Top: Brooks Brothers 
Shoes: Sperry Topsider 

Are you a golfing pro or someone who sits in the cart like me? Let me know in the comments! 

Friday, August 21, 2015

Lilly Sale Recap!

Hello lovely people! If you know anything about me, you know that I love Lilly Pulitzer and a good sale. So, naturally when the After Party Sale rolled around I was armed and ready to score some good deals. In previous years the site has crashed and I came out empty handed. But, this year I hit the jackpot and was able to get a lot of great pieces that I know I will wear a lot! So, sadly I won't be able to get a big chunk of my stuff because I will already be in London when the package arrives at my doorstep. But, I did shop in store and online so I got to bring three pieces on my London adventure! For now, I will show you some images of what I got but sadly they are not styled on me. So, here is my Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale haul!!!! 

These are all the pieces I purchased online! 

I am in love with flamingos so when I saw two flamingo prints on sale I kind of went crazy. I got this adorable shift dress in addition to an adorable casual tank top. 

Skorts are my favorite. I am IN LOVE with my navy Lilly skort I bought a while back so I knew I wanted to get some other ones! I picked up an adorable asymmetric pink seersucker skirt perfect for pairing with button downs or tees. Also, I picked up a fun printed one perfect for the spring and summer time. Also, I plan on wearing all of these pieces while I am in Florida for winter break!  

Cute, casual, and comfortable! I love Lilly's tanks. Recently I bought a giraffe tank which is perfect to pair with chinos or a J Crew skirt. 
Ugh this black dress! I am in love with it! For only $59 marked down from $188 I thought it was a great steal. I love this dress because you can basically wear it all year long. 

The rest of the pieces I picked up in the store included two adorable elephant printed dresses one in a shift dress then the other in a casual three quarter sleeve dress. Then I also got a three quarter length sleeve top with a fun pink, white, and blue print. But, I didn't have time to take pictures in these pieces before I packed them up for London. However, you will see these pieces in future looks so be on the lookout! 

Here is the shift dress with the elephant print. I wore it to a dinner with my boyfriends family for his last day in town before he headed back to school. Also, I couldn't wait to wear the dress so naturally I wore it the day I bought it! 

What did you pick up at the Lilly After Party Sale? Let me know in the comments or tweet me pictures at @Mirberry_! 

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Agenda Battle: Lilly Pulitzer

I'm back for another installment in my Agenda battle posts! This week I am discussing the Lilly Pulitzer agenda. Among most college girls this is a popular option. I loved my Lilly agenda but by the end of the school year (especially second semester) I found myself out-growing it. Although I love the fun Lilly prints and the adorable stickers, this planner didn't give me nearly enough room to write all of my to-dos, assignments, and schedule. 

This year they have a lot more options for prints, size, and they have ones with the spiral covered! 

Again, I am an over planner so take that into account! This is a great agenda for someone in High School or who just wants to write their homework down in college. 

Here is what you need to know about the Lilly Pulitzer planner...... 
  • Come in ADORABLE Lilly prints each season! They keep getting better and better 
  • Each day has a decent amount of lines to write to-dos, assignments, etc. 
  • Every planner comes with a sheet of really cute stickers! You can also purchase extra packs (I did) that include sorority stickers or school related stickers. 
  • This planner will lighten up your day with its fun bright colors
This was a great starter agenda because I loved the prints, colors, and the idea of it. But, it just doesn't work for me anymore which is why I upgraded to the Emily Ley Simplified Planner. Check out my post about it here. But, all in all this is a great basic planner and is perfect for any Lilly lover! 

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What planner are you using this school year? Let me know in the comments! 

OOTD: Bye America, Hello London

Today is the day! Today is my flight for London! If you don't already know, I will be studying abroad at the London College of Fashion for the entire fall semester. I cannot wait to embark on this journey of a lifetime. To read more about my adventure click here

So, in honor of leaving America I am styling my favorite patriotic Jadelynn Brooke tee! I recently placed an order from them when I discovered their last few section! Basically you can get adorable tees on sale because there is limited quantity. I got three tees and then I got a bonus t-shirt, sunglasses, stickers, and re-usable bag that was part of their promotion! Jadelynn Brooke always has promotions going on so be on the lookout for freebies!!! 

When I wear tees like this I try and dress them up a bit. For this look I paired this tee with a navy circle skirt I picked up a while back from Forever 21. To add a cute touch I wore these white Keds sneakers. I prefer Keds over Converse just because they are less bulky, more comfortable, and my girly. But, you could easily style this look with a pair of white high top Converse. 

Recently, I have been styling my hair in this half up half down look. My mom says I look 4 but I think it's kind of cute! It's also a good way to prevent yourself from washing your hair (if your lazy like me!). 

For accessories I wore my personal favorites: My Kate Spade initial necklace (a last year anniversary sale find!), Lily and Laura bracelets, some Alex and Ani bangles, and my KJP Blair Waldorf bow bracelet. 

I may be leaving America but I'm bringing some patriotic pieces over with me! I have a Jadelynn Brooke flag tee, my Rowdy Gentleman tank top, and a Lauren James red, white, and blue prep check sweatshirt. 

Where it's from: 
T-shirt: Jadelynn Brooke (Be on the lookout for a coupon code soon!!!) 
Skirt: Forever 21 
Necklace: Kate Spade 
Shoes: Keds 
Bracelets: Alex and Ani, Lily and Laura, and KJP 
Croakies: Vineyard Vines 
Sunglasses: Ray Bans 

Here are a few of my other favorite patriotic Jadelynn Brooke tees! Perfect for any time of the year! 


Be sure to check out Jadelynn Brooke's website! Be on the lookout for more posts featuring their products and coupon codes!!! 

Sunday, August 16, 2015

FLASH SALE ALERT: Sale is on sale!

It's Sunday funday! Which means Neely by VNB is having another fabulous flash sale! This week their sale is on sale. With the code FLASH40 you can get 40% items that are already marked down. So, I decided to pick my favorite pieces that are perfect for back to school or campus. 

I think every girl needs a pair of cheetah booties. I have a pair and I love pairing them with fall deep colors. Cheetah is a great neutral pattern that you can pair with anything in your fall wardrobe. I am also loving these gold metallic sneakers. These would be perfect to pair with a skinny pair of jeans, a warm flannel, and a puffy vest. Sometimes it's nice to go for comfort when it comes to walking around on campus. 
These ankle boots are PERFECT for back to school. I believe a girl can conquer a campus in the right pair of booties. Booties are perfect for walking around campus but also for dressing up on a weekend out. 

These two jewelry pieces are perfect for jazzying up a plain white tee and denim for a night out with your friends! By pairing bold jewelry pieces with simple clothing you can create a glamours yet casual look to hit the bars or a party. 
Last but not least every girl needs a small bag she can grab and go! This little clutch would be a great bag to grab to go to the dinning hall or to grab a snack on campus. 

What are your favorite pieces from the sale?? Let me know in the comments!