Monday, May 28, 2018

Dose of Disney: Let's go on a Safari

Cheetah Girls cheetah sistasssssssss.... well not quite, but wouldn't it be amazing if Animal Kingdom had a montage to the Cheetah Girls. You saw it here first folks. But, in all honesty I couldn't help but channel my inner Cheetah Girl while at Animal Kingdom. With all of the fun animal prints everywhere it is easy to do. Especially in this fun Pretty Little Monograms cheetah monogrammed tank top. 

I love this little tank top for a fun but subtle Animal Kingdom look. Pretty Little Monograms had this design exclusive to a Black Friday deal, but has since made a ton of fun Animal Kingdom inspired items. But, this Minnie features a white embroidered monogram with a fun cheetah bow. The olive green tank keeps things neutral, and very on brand for AK. 

To make the look more dressy and fun I paired it with this great topshop flounced skirt. But, it could just as easily be paired with a black pair of chino shorts or even denim shorts for a more relaxed look. Top things off with a cheetah print pair of ears and you are good to go! This pair from Floofy Arts are adorable. I'm normally not a flower crown kind of gal, but this pair is subtle. Plus her fabric ears are so comfortable, and pretty affordable. 

With all the hype around Pandora Animal Kingdom is now a pretty happening place I must say. Side note: Pandora is so worth the hype. I'm going to do a whole post on it because there is just way to much to talk about. 

Although the park was going bananas over Pandora, it allowed the rest of the park to have short wait times. My mom and I managed to get to the park for rope drop and waited by the Asia entrance to head to Mt. Everest. We not only were one of the first people on the ride, we rode Everest 4 times in a row with absolutely no wait any of the times. It was a continuous cycle of getting on and off the ride. The longest part about it was walking through the queue to get to the actual ride. Before Pandora that would never have happened! 

Luckily we found luck in Pandora land and landed a FastPass to Flight of Passage which is the main ride for the area. So, we didn't feel the need to run to Pandora at park opening. This allowed us to do so much at Animal Kingdom then head over to Pandora for our FastPass. The other days we were in town both Pandora rides were actually shut down completely. So, we really lucked out that our FastPass worked and the ride wasn't down. 

So, we had a pretty relaxing day at Animal Kingdom. Rode Everest a ton of times then headed to the Dinosaur area and rode Dinosaur and Primeval Whirl then did the Safari. We also saw Donald in his Safari gear and just walked around and enjoyed the park. Which, we normally don't get to do. Let me re-phrase that, we normally don't want to do because we are running around trying to get all of our rides done! It was so nice to have had done everything so early in the morning that we were able to relax and chill during the day. 

Where it's from: 
Tank: Pretty Little Monograms 
Skirt: Topshop 
Shoes: Keds x Minnie Mouse 
Ears: Floofy Arts 

What is your favorite thing to do at Animal Kingdom? I love going on the Safari and seeing all of the animals up close and personal. Let me know your favorite part in the comments below!

Friday, May 25, 2018

Dose of Disney: Ooooohoooo

"A stranger from the outside"

I don't know if it is just me, but I am so excited for Toy Story Land to arrive at Disney World. Toy Story is one of my favorite Disney series of films. Mainly because I am a true 90's baby. But, also because of the great characters in the films. Some of my favorites are the adorable little green aliens that first appear at Pizza Planet. 

My family and I are still mourning the loss of our beloved Pizza Planet, which was our go-to spot at Hollywood Studios. Now we have to settle for Pizza Rizzo, which luckily has the same pizza but doesn't have the same ambiance. Bring back the giant little green aliens hanging from the ceiling Disney! 

Well, there is no use dwelling on the past. So instead I commemorate Pizza Planet with a fun alien inspired look! I am obsessed with this adorable alien monogram tee from Pretty Little Monograms. This would have been the perfect look to wear to the opening of Toy Story Land. Sadly, we missed the opening by a month or so. But, low key happy by the time we head back to Disney they hype won't be as intense. 

I can't wait to try all of the new rides and food that Toy Story Land will bring though. There is going to be a whole ride dedicated to the aliens! It already looks so amazing. I mean a Slinky dog roller coaster? I can't contain my excitement for it all!

As for my look for a day at Hollywood studios, I paired my PLM tee with a fun pair of printed Lilly Pulitzer shorts. I love this print because it is subtle but still has that Lilly feel. It felt like a perfect match for this purple tee to create a fun Disney look. I've loved pairing Disney tees with Lilly bottoms for my trips to Disney. It can make any tee have a preppy feel. 

For my accessories I carried my new Loungefly Monsters Inc. backpack for the day. I didn't need as many things in my bag as we were only staying at Hollywood Studios for a few hours. Since Toy Story Land and Star Wars Land are under construction, there isn't a ton to do a the park in all honestly. Which gave me the perfect opportunity to carry my new bag around! I added some Monsters Inc. keychains from Tokyo Disney to accessorize the bag. You can find this bag at the jewelry store on Main Street at Magic Kingdom. But, fair warning if you want this bag and you see it buy it immediately! Usually I like to think these kind of purchases over and I don't just buy it, even though I know I will purchase it in the end. This time I bought it right on the spot and I am so glad I did. By the time we made it back to Magic Kingdom all of the Monsters Inc. bags were gone. So, be sure to pick it up if you see it because I think they are in high demand! 

Can we pause and take a moment to acknowledge the turquoise wall? I am obsessed with this wall! Everyone always talks about the purple wall (obviously) and the bubblegum wall. But, this wall is gorgeous! And I'm trying to make it a thing. So, go take pics in front of this wall and post them on Instagram so we can make this wall a thing. You can find this wall right at the entrance of Hollywood Studios on the right hand side as you walk in. It is near the vintage Oscar's car!

Then for my ears I opted for a more simple look with these Wicked Ears. And by simple I mean fully bedazzled to perfection! I love my Wicked Ears because of how sparkly they are. Plus the photograph so well. This silver pair is great because they are so neutral. They literally go with any outfit! If I had to pack just one pair of ears I would most likely pick these because they are so versatile. 

Where it's from: 
Shirt: Pretty Little Monograms 
Shorts: Lilly Pulitzer 
Shoes: Adidas 
Ears: Wicked Ears 
Bracelets: Pandora, Alex and Ani 
Belt: Vineyard Vines
Magicband: Dooney Bourke Magicband, Shop Disney Parks

What are you most excited for with the opening on Toy Story Land? Let me know in the comments below! 

Monday, May 21, 2018

Gal Meets Glam Nordstrom Event Chicago

This past week I had the pleasure to attend a Gal Meets Glam meet and greet with blogger Julia to help celebrate her dress line! If you saw my Gal Meets Glam Favorites + Launch Experience post you know all about my experience getting VIP access to this event. In case you missed it, the main gist is I almost got trampled to get a dress on release day for the opportunity to attend an exclusive event with Julia. Luckily, I survived the experience and had my golden ticket to the VIP meet and greet. 

I arrived early and got to wander around and take pictures in the roped off area before most of the guests arrived. They were passing out rose, prosecco and hors d'oeuvres. With my hands already full with my work bag and phone I opted to go drink-less. But, in case you were wondering they had some fancy food and even ice cubes with little flowers in them. Like damn, Nordstrom you bougie. 

Any who, the event was quite lovely and featured new Gal Meets Glam arrivals, fresh flowers, and live illustrations. We got to take home a little bouquet of flowers, which I was all over. Free peonies and you know I'm there. Plus there was illustrator doing illustrations of us in certain Gal Meets Glam dresses, so fun! 

I was obsessed with their little flower set-up! Can you just look at these adorable little Gal Meets Glam tags. The little tiny branded details were just gorgeous. 

The event was set up as a mix and mingle with Julia. There was about 30 people so we all made a huddle around Julia while she answered questions. She talked so much about what is coming to the Gal Meets Glam line, and I am so excited for what I think is in store! Darker colors are coming in for fall, including some little black dresses. In June we will see more neutrals, while July will be brighter colors. New prints, silhouettes, and even branching into more items (besides dresses) is in the near future as well! Not to mention the biggest piece of news PETITES IS COMING!!! I could write a whole book of struggles of a short gal trying to find a dress. So the idea of a petites line made me so excited! I won't bore you with my tales of a short girl and her struggle finding things to fit, but let's just say I am excited. 

Julia was so sweet and it was so interesting to hear about the future of her blog and her brand. 

The store was filled with so many new gorgeous dresses! Sadly, Nordstrom doesn't carry 00, which is my size. But, Julia mentioned that Nordstrom will now carry 00 because of the success of the size on her website. So, YAY! Finally can score dresses and get those Nordstrom points. 

Have you picked up any Gal Meets Glam dresses? Let me know your favorite in the comments!