Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Sew Cute Home: Bedroom Inspiration

The next room in my home inspiration series is our bedroom! Pretty much everything you see here we already own. But I wanted to lay it all out to see the room all together. For our bedroom we wanted it to be light and bright. Our sitting area in the main living space is a little darker so I wanted to make sure this was nice and bright! 

For the major furniture pieces we kept with the same mid century modern feel that is throughout the rest of our rooms. We picked out these night stands and this dresser that feel very 60's. These big furniture pieces were in my boyfriends previous apartment while he lived in PA. We are now taking them to the next place! Our first place in Chicago didn't have a bed frame and we just had an IKEA dresser and night stand. When we were shopping for the next place we knew we wanted something a little nicer and stylish. Plus our Chicago bedroom was pretty small which wouldn't really allow for a big bed frame. I love this one because of the tufted headboard that was a major must have for me! The fabric is very neutral so it would match any comforter or bedding. The wood on all three of these pieces is pretty much an exact match! It's a between a dark wood and a lighter color so it's a nice compromise. 

Our accent color for the space is navy and blue. The exact bedding we have is from Pottery Barn, but is no longer available. It may be because we bought it in the fall and they are now showing lighter bedding options. So, I will for sure share it if it becomes available again! But this comforter is a close match to what we have. Ours is navy and white, but is reversible! During the summer I think we will keep it white than switch to navy for the fall and winter. We have pillow from the old apartment that are white and blue. We'll have to see how the look with the headboard though! Most of our pillows are from Home Goods or random places. In my opinion Home Goods is the best place for random decor pieces like pillows or throws. 

One throw blanket I do recommend is this tassel blanket from Nordstrom. It's a great price and it is usually included in site wide promotions or the anniversary sale. Other accessories we included in this space are ginger jars. I love ginger jars, don't ask me why I just do. We have a pair of ginger jar lamps that we got from Home Goods that are Ralph Lauren. But, I've linked a similar lamp option! In addition to the lamps we also have some regular ginger jars that we keep on our dresser. From you guessed it Home Goods! I'm telling you if you ever want to redecorate Home Goods is a great place to start. 

The finishing touches for this room that we don't currently own are a rug and some sort of decorative shelf. I love this gold mirrored shelf. We have a lot of knick knacks if you will so I'd love a place to display pictures and other trinkets. Then I want some sort of oriental inspired rug to tie the room together. Looking at rugs with blue and neutral tones. 

What does your bedroom decor look like? Let me know in the comments! 

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Sephora VIB Sale Haul

Here is everything I picked up from the Sephora sale! You can head to my Instagram page to watch my IGTV video to hear more about the products. 

What did you pick up from the Sephora Sale? Let me know in the comments! 

Monday, April 27, 2020

Sew Cute Home: Home Accessories

I am in full planning mode for my boyfriend and I's apartment! Currently I am finding random home accessories for my office and potentially around the house. We'll see what my boyfriend agrees too... Probably not going to be for the bow mirror anywhere but my office.

I've always loved acrylic or clear organizational tools. Currently I already own this clear headband organizer! It's great because it has storage in the middle so you can keep scrunchies or hair ties there then your headbands wrapped around the outside. This little scrunchie holder is also super cute! Would be perfect to sit on a desk or in your bathroom. Next up on the topic of clear is this super cute calendar. It has attachments you can add like a pen cup to keep all of your things organized! A clear tray can be great for any room, I love these to keep items on a couch or ottoman. Throw things like your remotes on here to keep your items organized and chic. Then of course these gorgeous clear hangers. I think I am going to pick these up for my clothing rack in my office. That way all the hangers are cohesive!

Everyone in their brother seems to have these iPhone stands. I think I am going to jump on the bandwagon. The style I was eye is now sold out but I found this other cute pink option! Other cute pink things I found include two pink storage containers. This basket with pom poms is adorable for really anything! Then I've been loving these peach containers to organize my desk drawers.

For wall decor that's functional I love this bow mirror or classic message board. This bow mirror would be perfect for any girly space. A message board is also a fun way to spice up a desk or office space. You can stick inspirational quotes, pictures of family or friends, or even create a mood board.

Are you currently trying to spice up your home, now that we are spending so much time there? Let me know what rooms you are working on in the comments! 

Saturday, April 25, 2020

Sale of the Week: Aerie

I am for sure an Aerie girl. Pretty much all of my loungewear, leggings, and comfy clothes are from Aerie. They make the best stuff! If you are looking for some new loungewear, because quarantine, look no further. They are also currently having a sale on pretty much everything! Above are a few of my favorite pieces. 

What are your Aerie favorites? Let me know in the comments! Shop all of my aerie picks below. 

Friday, April 24, 2020

Dose of Disney: Mike Wazowski Bound

We scare because we care! Color Me Magic is doing a fun Disneybound challenge and I created this fun Mike Wazowski look. My approach to Disneybounding is very subtle. I like to pull colors from my character of inspiration to create my look. For Mike Wazowski I focused on this fun green dress. 

The details of this dress are great! I love the elastic waist which lets you adjust the fit according to your preferences. You can tie the ties near the color like I did or let them hang for a more relaxed look. I completed my ensemble with my go-to Lele Sadoughi pearl headband. But I cannot forget my Mike bag from Harvey's! It is my latest addition to my Disney bag collection. With its double sided design you can have happy or scared Mike. The best of both worlds! 

Where it's from: 
Dress: Aria Rose 
Bag: Shop Harvey's 
Headband: Lele Sadoughi 
Heals: Calvin Klien 
Bracelets: Hermes, Miranda Frye, Shop A to Z 

Who is your favorite Monsters Inc character? Let me know in the comments! 

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

OOTD: Spring Fling

Spring is in the air! Just kidding it snowed in Chicago last week. But, luckily I snuck outside to take pictures in front of our blossoming tree before that happened. This tree is one of my favorite things in the spring. Every year it blooms, then it usually is killed by the spring snow. What can you do! 

I am obsessed with this gorgeous dress from Aria Rose. It has so many great colors like purple, blue, and orange which makes it so versatile. I love the idea of wearing this with wedges or heels for a spring wedding (maybe not this year) or with a white denim jacket and sandals for a casual look. For this look I kept it kind of dressy with a pair of gold ballet flats. 

Is any look complete without a Lele Sadoughi headband? This is my all time favorite headband and you've probably seen me wear it 1,000 times. But it is so versatile! I for sure get my moneys worth out of this one. 

There is also a long sleeve version of this printed dress available! But I love the neckline on this dress. It's a little higher and give a pretty halter top look. The tie helps you define your waist but you could easily replace it with a belt! 

Where it's from: 
Dress: Aria Rose
Shoes: Tory Burch
Headband: Lele Sadoughi 
Location: Staying safe at home 

Do you have spring weather in your area? Let me know in the comments! 

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

My Top 10 Sephora Sale Picks

The Sephora sale is in full swing! I'm back again to keep things simple. These are my top 10 Sephora recommendations to consider during the VIB sale. All of these products I use pretty much on a daily basis. Haven't worn foundation in a while, working that no makeup life. But you get the gist. Lately these have been my holy grain products. You can see my mini reviews on all of these products in this blogpost. From skincare, makeup, to hair tools this list kind of covers everything. 

What are your top beauty products? Let me know in the comments! 

Monday, April 20, 2020

Sew Cute Home: Office Inspiration

Hello everyone! Welcome to a new series I'm starting called Sew Cute Home. Currently we are in the process of finding an apartment. I know great timing on our end. But, the time has come and we are on the apartment hunt. Something on my wishlist for our next place is a home office. I work from home year round, except when I'm not traveling. Yes quarantine life is pretty much the same as my normal work routine! But, I get to get out a little bit more. 

In today's Sew Cute Home post I'm sharing my inspiration for my hopefully soon to be home office. Some of these pieces I actually already own! So I pulled this room together with items I already had plus what I know I am looking at. 

First up the items I already have, we'll start with this sectional sofa. My boyfriend had this in his place in PA so we are bringing it to the next place. We are putting it in our hopefully spare bedroom aka my office for an extra place to hangout. I actually usually work from the couch so hence a couch in my home office. It all connects I swear! I want to add some super cute pillows to it to spice it up. Most likely will pick those up from Home Goods. For the most part all of our little decorations are from places like Home Goods! In my opinion they have the best selection when it comes to finishing touch pieces. The sofa itself is from Wayfair and is super sleek and mid century inspired. You'll notice as I post more about our future place we love a good mid century theme. I for sure would recommend this couch for anyone currently planning on their future apartment or starter home. I think it's a great size and can fit lots of people if needed. 

Next up is my IKEA Alex system. If you watched beauty Youtubers back in the day everyone in their brother had these drawers. I have both the tall Alex drawer set then the desk that features the Alex drawers. Both of these are great for storage. I have a lot of stuff from stationery supplies to jewelry. This drawer system really works well for storing those kind of items! There are also drawer inserts I bought at IKEA for them that I think were around $5. Helps give you extra organization within your drawers! I also use these containers from Target in some of the drawers. Either work! I will be taking these from my bedroom at home to the future apartment. 

The last piece I already own is my pipe rack. My boyfriend actually made mine though! We bought all of the pipe at Home Depot then painted it white. So, it isn't exactly like this one but it is very close. I actually prefer my handmade rack so if you have someone handy that can help you with it go for it! Another pro of making your own is you can customize the size to fit your space. We also made my a little taller so I could hang dresses and other long items from it. I love a good clothing rack because it can be decorative but also functional. 

Now for some fun new additions I am looking at purchasing! I will probably hold off on buying anything until we know exactly what place we are getting. Just so we can have exact dimensions and what not. But, I am dying to get this IKEA storage system. I am totally inspired by teresalaucar on Instagram for this closet system! Her interiors are such an aesthetic so be sure to check her out. This system I feel like can be super functional but also very pretty. As I've said I have a lot of stuff. So the trick is to find ways to store things but also make it visually appealing. This system I think does that! I'm planning to do some regular drawers, glass drawers, then probably some glass shelves. The glass shelves I think are perfect for displaying designer handbags or your jewelry. I will probably opt out of the clothing rack since I have my own free standing rack. Plus, the place I think we are going to get has a ton of closet storage so I don't think hanging space will be an issue! 

Something I desperately need is an office chair. I've just never found one that I love. But, I am really loving this gold and grey chair. It's from Walmart believe it or not, and is reasonably priced. To be honest my desk is kind of a dumping ground. I never really loved sitting at a desk to do work. Normally I move around the house as the day goes on while I work. Most of the time I sit on the couch though. 

I've added a few random accessories into the mix to spice up the space. I am wanting to go for a neutral space with pops of pink and probably a little purple. For sure want to get some sort of pink pastel or bright pink oriental style rug. Wayfair has a ton of options that are at great prices. I for sure want some sort of ottoman in the space. I love this little faux fur option for something fun! Then I've also included a simple gold side table and pink lamp. Lamps I usually pick up from Home Goods again but I think this pink one is darling! Then to finish off the space I need some sort of floor length mirror. That Anthropologie mirror is tempting but who is trying to spend $800 on a mirror? Not me! So, we may be compromising to a more simple design. But for sure want it to work for mirror selfies for try on sessions! 

I hope you enjoyed this peek into my office inspiration! Hopefully we will move into our new place soon and I can share more home and decorating content. 

Friday, April 17, 2020

Dose of Disney: Toy Story Bo Peep Bound

For Color Me Magic's stay home Disneybound challenge I created this Bo Peep Toy Story Disneybound! If you didn't already know Disneybounding is when you create an outfit that is inspired by a Disney character. I like to take a very subtle approach with Disneybounding. Usually I pick up colors within the character or their outfit to draw inspiration. For this look I drew inspiration from the original Bo Peep. She had pink, white, and light blue in her outfit. Also, she had a bonnet on her head. With this I created this super girly look! I wore this gorgeous pink dress with puff sleeves to mimic her girly vibes. Then I wore this blue jewel encrusted headband to bring a pop of blue and add a head accessory. 

Just glancing at this look you wouldn't think it was Disney inspired! That's what I love about Disneybounding, it can be super subtle. I'd wear this look to a bridal shower, Easter brunch or dinner, or any spring gathering! Obviously right now we aren't doing any gatherings but you can still dress up and pretend! 

Who is your favorite Toy Story character? Mine is probably Bullseye! Let me know your favorite in the comments. 

Thursday, April 16, 2020

Sephora Favorites for the VIB Sale!

CHARLOTTE TILBURY FOUNDATION | This Charlotte Tilbury foundation is my new favorite! It gives great coverage and I love the finish. Super natural and glowy! You can see my full review of this foundation in this post.

CHARLOTTE TILBURY FILTER | This filter is great if you want a natural glow. I apply it before foundation but you could also use it alone as it is tinted! You can see my full review of this foundation in this post.

PILLOW TALK LIP LINER & PILLOW TALK LIPSTICK | My go-to lip liner and lipstick combo of the moment. I think this shade works for a ton of skin tones! You can see my full review of this foundation in this post.

BLUEBERRY BOUNCE CLEANSER | I got the mini travel size of this cleanser and I really like it. It smells amazing and is a great basic face wash. I'm a big fan of this brand in general!

KATE SOMERVILLE ACNE CLEANSER | My new daily cleanser is this acne cleanser from Kate Somerville. So far I really like it! It feels like it is really cleaning my skin and getting deep into the pours. Right now I am focused on my random quarantine acne so hence the acne cleanser!

FENTY MASCARA | This has been my go-to mascara recently. You can see my full review of this foundation in this post.

LIQUID SILK PRIMER | Currently my go-to primer, it makes your skin so soft and smells good. You can see my full review of this foundation in this post.

ULTRA REPAIR FACE OIL | I tried a travel size of this face oil and loved it. For sure picking up the full size during the sale. I put it on my acne and I saw differences overnight. Great for all over the face or for target problem areas.

CRYSTAL WHIP LIQUID EYESHADOW | A recent purchase of mine which was included in a blogger's makeup routine I watched! I love adding this on top of my existing eyeshadow look for some extra sparkle. The best part is it isn't itchy! Usually with glitter products I itch the heck out of my eyes. But, not with this one.

TWO FACED BORN THIS WAY FOUNDATION | My go-to foundation for some time now. I think I've repurchased it at least 4-5 times! It is a great medium to full coverage option with more of a matte finish vs. the Charlotte Tilbury foundation I linked above.

INVISIBOBBLE SCRUNCHIE | More of a random favorite, but I love this scrunchie. Gives you the benefits of the Invisibobble but in a scrunchie. It holds super well and is comfortable. I use it all the time when I travel or if I want to tie my hair back to wash my face or do a mask.

INVISIBOBBLE SLIM HAIR TIE | My go-to hair ties! Love these to throw on my wrist for travel or to use to throw back my hair quickly.

DRUNK ELEPHANT JELLY CLEANSER | This is my shower face wash, anyone else have face wash on their sink then a different bottle in their shower? Or is that just me? Anyways I love this cleanser. It is super gentle and Drunk Elephant is a great brand all around.

DRUNK ELEPHANT BRIGHTNING DUO | I do not like to pay for the full size versions of Drunk Elephant products. That's why I turn to the travel minis instead! These two serums have lasted me a long time for as small as they are. You only need one drop to apply to your whole face!

DRUNK ELEPHANT LIP BALM | Love this Drunk Elephant lip balm. It's clear and has no flavor so it's great for everyday use.

ROSE FACIAL MIST | I love applying this face mist after I apply my skincare routine. It smells like roses and gives me an extra boost of moisture. Plus it's super refreshing, would be great for the summer months or even to use at the pool or beach.

PETER THOMAS ROTH SLEEP CREAM | When my skin is in bad shape I always use this sleep cream. I apply it before I go to bed after my skincare routine and I notice a difference overnight usually! Originally I was sent it for a sponsored post but since I've repurchased it on my own. Fair warning it kind of smells weird but it gives results!

LANEIGE LIP BALM | Pretty much everyone in their brother has this lip balm but its so good. I love all of the flavors so you really can't go wrong! It is more of a glossy finish vs. a traditional lip balm. Takes me back to the early 2000's lip gloss phase.

SUMMER FRIDAY MASK | This is a great mask to pick up if you travel! I have the travel size and it lasts a long time. So, for sure you can get away with the smaller size vs. splurging on the full size. It gives great moisture especially after flying on an airplane.

PETER THOMAS ROTH CLOUD CREAM | If you are going to splurge on something, I highly recommend this moisturizer! Peter Thomas Roth in general is my go-to splurge skincare brand. This stuff does miracles for my super dry skin during the winter. But I use it year round!

LANEIGE LIP MASK | Another cult favorite is the Laneige lip mask. This stuff is great. I suffer from super dry lips so I use this at least once a week to give them some TLC. It also tastes great!

SUGAR EXFOLIATING WASH | I've had the mini size of this scrub and I've been using it for travel. It's a great gentle exfoliating scrub and the scent is great. In general I am a fan of the Fresh brand!

SUPERGOOP SUNSCREEN | Supergoop is one of my go-to brands. I am a huge SPF fan, especially during the summer. I've linked their page on Sephora's website because I basically recommend everything! My favorite products are the shimmering cream eyeshadowthis set is a great starting point, and I love their setting powder with SPF.

What are you planning on picking up from the Sephora sale? Let me know in the comments! 

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Sephora Sale: What's in my cart

It's almost time for the Sephora VIB sale! Here are the items I am currently eyeing. Probably won't be picking up all of them but for sure narrowing it down from these items! You can see my notes next to each product. 

What is on your shopping list? Let me know in the comments! 

Monday, April 13, 2020

Small Businesses to Shop

Hello friends! Today I am sharing some of my favorite small businesses. Right now more than ever it's important to support local and small businesses. Support small business owners and your favorite local boutiques right now! It's a crazy world out there so it's important to shop small and support! Below I've listed a few of my personal favorite small shops and businesses. Plus I left some recommendations given to me by my Instagram followers! 

LELE SADOUGHI | My go-to place for headbands and other accessories! She makes the most incredible headbands. This small business is not one to skip. They have also been doing Happy Hour deals recently where they discount certain products each day for a few hours. Plus they just released a more price friendly collection perfect if you want to get started with the brand!

STONEY CLOVER LANE | It's no secret this may be my favorite small business. Completely run by two sisters this is a great brand to support. They also donate to Baby2Baby often! Not to mention their stuff is just insanely cute, colorful, and perfect.

MIRANDA FRYE | An awesome place to get dainty and cool gold jewelry. Gold jewelry is a major trend right now and they have some great layering pieces. I've been wearing Miranda Frye pretty much every day of quarantine. Not to mention she has a great name, just saying.

SHOP A TO Z | True life I'm addicted to Shop A to Z. Founded by two of my favorite Instagrammers this bracelet shop on Instagram is adorable! Major pastel and pretty vibes with adorable bracelets for layering. They are launching a website soon so stay tuned for that!

JADELYNN BROOKE | I repped this t-shirt brand in college and I have a soft spot for them. Founded by 3 sisters this brand is great for comfy tees for staying at home. From Disney to other pop culture designs they have everything!

DUDLEY STEPHENS | Another great small business is Dudley Stephans. They create the best fleece popovers great for travel or WFH! I wear them all the time when I travel. Comfortable but stylish comes to mind.

LITTLE WORDS PROJECT | From customizable bracelets to encouraging words Little Words Project is a go-to of mine for cute bracelets. I have so many of their bracelets and I wear them all the time. They are super cute plus have great messages behind them!

ARIA ROSE | This local Miami boutique has new arrivals regularly that are so cute! I made my first purchase recently and I love everything I bought. So many cute trendy pieces at great prices.

INSPIRED BOUTIQUE | A boutique owned by a blogger from KC that I follow! Lauren curates some super cute pieces at affordable prices. Be sure to check out her online boutique and Instagram for deals!

PARK PRINCESS CO | One of my favorite Disney small shops is owned by my Instagram pal Jen. You can use the code MIRANDA15 for 15% off your order!

MYOHMYSUPPLYCO | Pop culture heaven and aesthetic goals is how I would describe My Oh My Supply Co. Created by Ali and Lindsey this shop is a go-to of mine. From Disney to The Devil Wears Prada they cover everything!

NOSTALCHICKS | A Instagram friend of mine owns Nostalchicks! Super fun pop culture themed prints on all sorts of products.

CARYN LAWN | I bought one of her bracelets at a boutique in Greenville, SC and I love it! Super cute pieces for layering.

GRAPE SODA CLUB | Another great Disney small shop! Gorgeous jewelry and accessories that are super dreamy.

HARVEY'S | These bags are super unique and have great designs! I recently picked up a bag from their Monsters Inc collection and I am obsessed.

PIXIE CASES | Pixie Cases makes some of the best Disney phone cases out there! I've purchased from her numerous times and love them.

TERESA LAURA CREATIVE | If you're looking for Instagram story stickers this is your shop! Super cute chic designs that can add something special to your stories. 

MILY MAIN STREET SHOP | This is the shop where my Lightroom presets are from! I love her presets and they can make your feed super cohesive. I also have her story highlight covers!

KEIL JAMES PATRICK | An old favorite of mine is KJP. They started out with rope anchor bracelets now have clothing and a ton of jewelry! Super preppy with classic East coast vibes.

CASTLES & CARROUSELS | Another Instagram friend of mine owns this shop! Adorable fanny packs inspired by Disney characters. I've been eyeing her Mike fanny pack for a while....

IRIS ATELIER | If you're looking for gorgeous handmade headbands look no further! I have three of her headbands and they are great. Bonus points because she is based in Chicago.

SHOP HOUSE OF MOUSE | An Instagram follower recommended Shop House of Mouse but I wanted to include it up here since I've purchased from her shop before! My favorite pair of ears from her is my denim ears with patches on them. She has adorable designs and a ton of cute velvet ears!

Suggestions by my Instagram followers: 
Oh So Fabulous shop

What are your favorite small businesses? Let me know in the comments!


Thursday, April 9, 2020

Lele Sadoughi on Sale!

My go-to headbands are currently on sale! I've linked a few of my favorites included in the sale at the bottom of this post. This gorgeous denim jeweled headband picture above is included in the sale so be sure to take advantage of that. It's part of their recent spring collection so I'm sure it will go fast! I also just posted a IGTV video with my Lele Sadoughi headband collection. So be sure to check that out over on Instagram! 

Have you bought a Lele Sadoughi headband yet? Let me know in the comments! 

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Quarantine Activity Ideas

JEWELRY MAKING | I ordered some cute beads via Amazon and have been making bracelets! I thought of the fun idea to make bracelets with my favorite song titles to wear to my next concerts. Since some of the concerts I had planned have gotten canceled I wanted to keep the fun going and look forward to the next tour! But of course you could make bracelets for anything. Better yet you could make friendship bracelets then send them to your friends for a fun little surprise gift.
Supplies: elastic string I've been using | gold and silver bead set | letter bead set 

TIE DYE | I've seen everyone in their brother tie dying and I really want to hop on the bandwagon. But I have no supplies and nothing white to tie dye. So, that may have to wait. If you have the supplies for sure worth testing it out.

PRACTICE HAND LETTERING | Brit + Co was offering free online classes so I took a hand lettering class to work on my brush lettering. It's something I kind of started but never sat down to properly learn. I had some brush pens on hand but then ended up ordering some thinner ones and a pad of paper that is thicker! For sure a fun and relaxing activity to test out.
Supplies: black brush pen set | mixed media paper pad | dual brush pen set 

CROCHET | My friend is super into crocheting at the moment. She gave me a Mickey crochet kit a while ago and I think I'm going to test it out! I've linked it below and you should be able to use a Michaels coupon on it! I am no crotchet expert, but hopefully after some Youtube videos I can get the hang of it.
Supplies: Mickey crotchet set 

PLANNING | Planning decoratively is a major hobby of mine. If you like to be organized and you scrapbooked in your past this is the hobby for you. I have a ton of planners, stickers, washi tapes, pens, and more to create my planner spreads. But, I've linked the basic supplies to help you get started with this hobby. Plus some of my favorite Youtube channels so you can get some inspiration!
Supplies: Happy Planner (budget option) | planner sticker book | my go-to black pen | another sticker book option | build your own Erin Condren planner (my go-to planner) 
Youtube Channels: Stick with me Shop | Scribble Prints Co | TheCoffeeMonsterzCo 

MOVIE MARATHON | A easier activity to create is a movie marathon! Whether it be a Pixar marathon, 80's movies, Harry Potter, it can be whatever you wish. I'm thinking a 80's movie marathon with Ferris Bueller, Sixteen Candles, and Breakfast Club is needed.

FACETIME A FRIEND | Another easy activity! Facetime or as the cool kids these days do it Zoom a friend and have a chat. I've Facetimed a few friends just to catch up or when I'm bored. It's a great way to socialize and pass the time.

VIDEO CHAT WITH CO-WORKERS | I'm used to not seeing my co-workers because we all work in different places! Recently we've been doing more group Facetimes to chat and talk about work. It's great especially if you are used to being in an office everyday. Luckily my job has prepared me for the quarantine life.

GO FOR A WALK | Take some time to go outside! Now that Chuck is back I've been going on more walks. But even before that my mom and I would take a lap around the neighborhood together in the evening after dinner. Helps us get moving and get some fresh air. And by fresh air I mean 30 degree winds hitting our faces, but it'll have to do.

PHOTOGRAPHY | This is also a great time to test out your photography skills. Whether you just have a phone or a camera you can look up tutorials on Youtube or take a Brit + Co class to sharpen those skills. I take a ton of blog photos in my house because it's cold here and I can't shoot outside year round. It is sometimes a challenge but it makes you get creative! There are a ton of Instagrammers doing great inside shoots right now. Browse your feed to get inspiration.

EDIT PHOTOS | Since I don't have a ton of new photos I've been editing a ton of older photos of mine. If you don't have Lightroom now would be a great time to get it and start practicing editing photos. If you want a free editing app I love A Color Story! Has a ton of great filters and this is also how I plan my posts and feed.

Hopefully that gave you some fun ideas of activities to do in quarantine! How are you handling quarantine? Let me know in the comments. Hope you are all staying safe and healthy! 

Monday, April 6, 2020

Disney+ Favorites

Looking for something to watch while in quarantine? Well, here are some of my Disney+ favorites! From movies, shows, too documentaries hopefully this gives you some ideas of things to watch during this crazy time. 

HIGH SCHOOL THE MUSICAL THE SERIES | This Disney+ original is a must, especially if you grew up with the HSM franchise. New characters and new songs, it's a win-win.

SLEEPING BEAUTY | One of my favorite Disney princess movies. The three good fairies are iconic! A classic that is worth re-watching.

THE THREE CABALLEROS | Another favorite of mine that is severely underrated, The Three Caballeros. If you've been on the ride at Epcot but haven't seen the movie don't sleep on it!

TANGLED | Another great princess movie that is super relevant at the moment. I've watched it a few times recently. One of my go-to feel good movies.

MONSTERS INC | A personal favorite of mine, also kind of relevant right now. You could argue Boo and kids is the Monsters version of COVID... Deep thoughts brought to you by Miranda.

MONSTERS UNIVERSITY | Monsters Inc marathon anyone? Pair this with the original movie for a fun marathon idea!

THE IMAGINEERING STORY | If a documentary is more your speed you need to watch the Imagineering Story. I cried multiple times, and gives you an in depth look at the parks.

WAKING SLEEPING BEAUTY | I feel like this documentary is underrated on Disney+! This is a great film about how they make Disney films at the animation studios. For sure a great watch!

ZENON | My childhood in a movie is Zenon. The best part is there are multiple movies so it makes for the perfect binging opportunity.

ALLEY CATS STRIKE | Legit my favorite Disney Channel Original movie. SO underrated and is a much watch, in my opinion.

LIZZIE MCGUIRE | Whether you watch the series or the movie you can't go wrong!

MOTORCROSSED | A solid Disney Channel Original movie and a great option if you are forcing your boyfriend or someone to watch with you. My brother and I used to love this movie when we were younger! Still love it today btw.

DOUBLE TEAMED | If you're missing sports check out this basketball theme Disney Channel Original movie.

BEDKNOBS AND BROOMSTICKS | Most people don't know this movie but I grew up with it! Think Mary Poppins style, half live action half animated, but during WWII. It's a great movie and has some solid music.

What are your Disney+ recommendations? Let me know in the comments! 

Saturday, April 4, 2020

ShopDisney Spring Arrivals

ShopDisney is showing up with their new arrivals! Maybe it is because they are putting park merchandise on their website so people can shop? Whatever the reason I am loving it. Especially since the parks are closed we could all use some Disney magic in our lives. And by Disney magic I mean shopping, we could all use some Disney shopping. 

They are cranking out new ears and spirit jerseys and I am here for it. The new tie dye spirit jersey is to die for! Then can we please talk about these coral ears? So many cute new things to take a peek at. 

What new arrival is catching your eye? I think I may be picking up a new spirit jersey and pair of ears! Let me know your favorites in the comments. 

Friday, April 3, 2020

Quarantine Essentials

Slip pillow cases | Barefoot Dreams cardigan | Peter Thomas Roth cloud cream

Quarantine and chill? Hopefully you are all doing well and staying safe! Luckily for this introvert quarantine isn't too bad. I am getting a little stir crazy though. Normally when I'm not traveling I am completely content staying in and doing nothing. Watching Netflix and going to drive throughs is kind of my thing. But, after having to cancel a few trips and things it is getting to me. Hopefully things will be back to normal thanks to us all staying inside!

While we are all sitting inside I wanted to share my cozy quarantine essentials. These have been my go-to pieces to stay comfortable during quarantine. This tie dye sweatshirt is seriously the best. It's from Target and has changed my life. Not only is it cute but it is so dang soft. Truly heavenly!

Some of my skincare essentials include my Peter Thomas Roth water cloud cream, Laneige lip products, and Summer Friday jet lag mask. All of these are super moisturizing which is perfect for the dry air inside. My skin has been freaking out the past few weeks. I'm not sure if it is due to stress or something else. But, I am not loving it. I recently picked up some new cleansers so I will report back on if they are any good!

Other cozy items I want to highlight are my Ugg slippers, Barefoot Dreams cardigan & blanket, plus my Slip pillow case. All perfect for binge watching from bed with a bowl of popcorn!

What have been your quarantine essentials? Let me know in the comments!