Wednesday, March 30, 2016

OOTD: Re-Inventing the White Shirt

I had to squeeze in one last winter inspired look of the season. Now that spring is here I can't wait to do some more fun colorful looks. But, this look features an "edgy" look for me. I received this jacket a while ago from my Aunt for Christmas and it's the perfect jacket to add a little bit of edge to my normally classic style. This leather jacket is a little more unique because it is a gorgeous emerald color. The best part about this jacket is you can zip off the sleeves to make it a vest!

I paired this leather jacket with a simple crisp white button down. I'm always trying to find new ways to wear my white button downs. In this case I paired it with a tougher jacket and a structured skirt to create a unique look. Also, I wore a bold gold J Crew statement necklace to add extra interest to the ensemble. 

In my opinion, everyone needs a simple classic white button down to fit their personal style. My white button down is from Ralph Lauren Polo which appeals to my preppy sense of style. But, there are plenty of different white shirts out there and they are a staple in any women's closet!

This tapestry inspired skirt from Topshop is one of my favorites! You can easily transition this into spring with a lighter top, ditch the tights, and wear flats or a pair of ankle booties. 

Where it's from: 
Shirt: Ralph Lauren Polo 
Skirt: Topshop 
Tights: Charming Charlie 
Leather jacket: BB Dakota 
Necklace: J Crew 
Bracelets: KJP and Alex and Ani 
Watch: Kate Spade 
Boots: Michael Kors 
Photography c/o Megan Goblish 

I hope you enjoyed this last winter look! I can't wait to create more spring content with fun and bright colors! What spring posts do you want to see? Let me know in the comments!  

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

What to Wear: Add Color for Spring!

As many of you know I LIVE for a colorful life and wardrobe. To me color is the best medicine for curing the winter slumps. With spring near it's time to update your wardrobe by adding a healthy does of color. But how do you accomplish this without looking crazy? Well here are a few easy ways to add color to your wardrobe (without breaking the bank!). Most of these pieces you may have or would be able to add to your wardrobe for an affordable cost. 

Statement jewelry | Jewelry is my #1 go-to to add color to a look. You can wear a simple neutral look but add high impact pieces to spice things up. My favorite pieces to add are a bold statement necklace or a fun earring. These are simple pieces you can find at places like Charming Charlie's for affordable prices! Personally, my favorite places to get statement jewelry is Baublebar and J Crew. 

Neck kicks | Adding a fun colorful shoe can make a fun statement without being overpowering. Go for a fun sandal or sneaker to create a cute and causal look. My colorful pink Keds are my go-to when it comes to colorful sneakers. You can also find cute colorful sneakers at places like Target and Forever 21. This way you are investing in a trend piece but buying something quick and affordable to update your spring attire. 

Colored button down | Bring in a fun bright color to your everyday wear or your work wear! By wearing a bright colored button down you can either be dressy or casual. Also, you can get away from boring work wear with a dosh of much needed color! I always score my colorful button downs at Ralph Lauren Polo outlet or at J Crew on sale. These are my go-to places to get the most adorable button downs! I also scored two new vineyard vines button downs on sale at their recent Whalehouse sale. 

Bold pants or skirt | Pair a bright colorful skirt with a neutral white or denim top to add a dash of fun into your wardrobe. Also, a colorful skirt or pant can be worn in many different ways which makes the possibilities endless for your spring wardrobe. 

What are your favorite ways to add color? Let me know in the comments! 

Friday, March 25, 2016

Spring Break Snapshots

This past week I was able to go to Naples, FL with my boyfriend and another couple for spring break! I had a much needed break and did a lot of relaxing by the pool and on the beach. Here are a few snapshots of the week. Most of these can be found on my Instagram account @miranda_pollitt19. If you aren't following me be sure to check out my Instagram for everyday posts and updates for Sew Cute Style! 

The first full day we started off at the pool in my boyfriends neighborhood. I am personally a pool girl. For me it is so refreshing and relaxing! Plus sand is the most annoying but awesome thing. So, having an amazing pool to go to was great during the week. Also, I sported my new Jadelynn Brooke tee I got in this months rep package. Want to get a cute new tee for spring break? Use the code IOWASTMP for 15% off your ENTIRE purchase! 

For our first night out in Naples we headed downtown on 3rd Street to eat and shop. Of course I had to stop in the Lilly store there to try on some awesome pieces. I ended up picking this super cute pink cotton quarter sleeve ON SALE! The wallpaper in the dressing rooms was amazing so I had to snap a picture. 

Palm trees = happiness! A week in warm weather and sunshine was just what I needed. I even got a little tan (which NEVER happens). 

Over spring break I got lavaliered! It was so exciting and I am honored to be apart of Triangle at KU in a bigger way. 

My new KJP pink pearl bracelet is my new favorite! I have been wearing it A LOT. Pink is a neutral in my colorful world so this matches a lot of my looks. It is for sure one of my favorite KJP bracelets of the moment. 

This spring break I was snapping some awesome Rowdy Gentleman photos for my rep program! Naturally I had to pull out my awesome flag for a few photos. My shorts are from Krass & Co. are are my go-to beach attire. Jeremy's swim trunks are from Rowdy Gentleman! 

Beach days are always fun! I picked up this super cute purple and coral lobster swim suit from Aerie a little while back. I got it on super clearance at the end of summer. The best time to buy swimsuits is when they are about to go out of season. If you want a bargain be sure to shop at the end of summer and save them for spring break or next summer! 

I whale Chicago! I love this picture my boyfriend and I took in our vineyard vines Chicago tees we picked up last summer. Vineyard vines tees are the perfect pool or beach shirt because they are so soft and who doesn't love the little pink whale? 

What did you do this spring break? Let me know in the comments! 

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

What to Wear: Easter

Easter is the perfect time to wear the perfect pastel or girly dress. So, I am showing you a few quick last minute dresses you can snag before Easter this Sunday! 

What are you wearing this Easter? Let me know in the comments! 

Monday, March 21, 2016

OOTD: Lilly Loving

I'm back from spring break and relaxed more then ever. It was a MUCH needed break. Recently I've been uber stressed and longing for a week off. Now that I'm back in Ames and with only 6 weeks left of the semester things are about to get crazy! But, there are a lot of fun things to look forward too! 

As for this spring break OOTD I wore this adorable Lilly Pulitzer strapless dress to a fancy dinner downtown Naples. I'm planning on making a little travel guide with all of the places I've eaten and been in Naples/ Marco Island! As for now, we can talk about this adorable Lilly loving look. 

This was my first Lilly dress! I got it on sale on Rue La La a while back. I love the design because it is a more fancy fabric then their traditional cotton dresses. It has a fuller skirt with a beaded waistband. 

My newest KJP pink pearl addition is a new favorite! It matches A LOT of my pieces because pink is practically a neutral for me. I wore it a ton on my trip and I plan on wearing it all spring and summer. My other accessories include Kate Spade cluster rhinestone earring, my Michael Kors watch, and some Alex and Ani bracelets. 

I wore this look for shopping and dining downtown Naples. Downtown Naples is pretty fancy so I wanted to be dressed up. We dinned and shopped and this dress was perfect paired with a more casual sandal for a night out in Naples. 

Where it's from: 
Dress: Lilly Pulitzer (got on sale at Rue La La) 
Shoes: Jack Rogers 
Earrings: Kate Spade 
Sunglasses: Ray Ban 
Pearl bracelet: KJP 
Watch: Michael Kors 
Bracelets: Alex and Ani

What is your favorite Lilly look? Let me know in the comments! 

Friday, March 18, 2016

Blogger Spotlight: Color Me Courtney

Courtney Quinn of ColorMe Courtney is brining a bright fun side to her colorful New York based blog.

Quinn began blogging as a means of finding a creative outlet.

While studying business in college she knew she wanted to be involved in the fashion world. So, creating a fashion blog was her way of demonstrating her understanding of the industry.

Now, Color Me Courtney has become her fulltime job. You can learn more about her journey through her about me page on Color Me Courtney.

“It’s kind of ironic that what I started to fill my spare time and use as a tool to help me get a job has become my career!” she said.

Color Me Courtney is a fashion blog based on building body confidence. Through her blog she hopes her readers build their body confidence and embrace their own personal style.

Quinn’s blog features her bright, crazy, and colorful style. Through trial and error Quinn creates amazing looks with bold colors and mixing prints.

To gain inspiration Quinn looks to Pinterest, movies, art, museums, movies, and even candy.

Most bloggers in New York sport the typical dark and monochromatic looks. But, Quinn mixes things up with her colorful style.

Quinn runs both her blog and is venturing out into a Youtube channel.

“I want my Youtube channel to be a new space for me to interact with people who maybe don’t read blogs because they live videos!” Quinn said.

Many bloggers are expanding to create more content through video outlets like Youtube and even Snapchat. With a rise in video content bloggers like Quinn are keeping with these ever changing trends.

Color Me Courtney’s Youtube channel features fashion and beauty related videos.

As a full time blogger Quinn has had amazing opportunities in the fashion industry. This past month Quinn was invited to attend shows at New York Fashion Week.

This year Quinn decided to go to shows that she was really excited about. She used these opportunities to connect with fellow bloggers and celebrate the brands and what they’ve created.

More and more designers are inviting fashion bloggers to their runway shows. With the rise of blogger influence the industry is reacting by making them a key to their New York Fashion Week crowd.

Quinn’s favorite part of Fashion Week is getting all dressed up and seeing the new trends and collections. Also, she loves connecting with people that she hasn’t met in person.

So much of my job happens behind a computer, so it’s really refreshing to take things offline!” she said.

A special shout out to Courtney for answering my questions! Her blog is one of my absolute favorites so be sure to check her out!! 

Monday, March 14, 2016

OOTD: Pastel Pleats

This outfit is my new obsession! The weather is getting warmer which means brighter colors and not having to bundle up to survive. In Ames when it is 60 degrees you'd think its 90. But, I can't complain about perfect spring weather full of sunshine. Today's look is the perfect transition look from spring to winter. Wear a fun midi skirt with either tights or without for a covered but fun ensemble. I'm always cold so I tend to keep wearing tights until it is actually summer. But, this look is perfectly adorable without tights if your experiencing some awesome weather. 

Warmer weather also means putting away your boots and pulling out your flats and heels! I always get nervous to walk around in heels on campus during the winter because everything is so icy. But now I can take out some of my favorite casual heels like these purple mary jane Vince Camutos. 

Fun bright colors are my go-to all year round, but especially during the spring time. This pink purple shirt is perfect for pairing with darker pieces in the winter or pairing it with a soft color for the spring. As many of you pay know classic button downs are a staple of mine. So, I like finding unique colors so I can mix up my shirts from the traditional white and blue. 

Spring calls for big statements! By statements I mean statement necklaces. This necklace is one of my favorites because it surprisingly goes with a lot. With orange, light blue, and pastel purple gems this necklace is perfect for any spring time look. I picked it up from J Crew a while back but they still have a ton of necklaces that could be your go-to statement piece this spring. 

To complete my jewelry look I kept my earrings simple with pearl studs and added a stack of my favorite Disney Alex and Ani bracelets I picked up on my last trip. Also, I wore my gold Michael Kors watch to add a touch of metallic shine. 

Pleats and tea length skirts are so in for spring! I love when feminine details are in style because it makes my life easier! Spring, for me, is all about adding more girly touches to match the season. 

Tip: If you're short but still want to wear a midi skirt I suggest pairing it with heels! It will make you seem longer and won't cut off your body lines. Also, try different styles on to see which looks best on you. Most midi skirts look ridiculous on me but I think this one works!

Where it's from: 
Shirt: J Crew 
Skirt: AKIRA Chicago 
Necklace: J Crew 
Shoes: Vince Camuto 
Bracelets: Alex and Ani 
Watch: Michael Kors 
Photography: Megan Goblish

Are you ready for spring? Let me know in the comments how your weather is doing! 

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Spring Break: Let's Talk Nails + My Favorite Polishes

The newest way to remove your nail polish is finally here. Cutex has created the lazy girl product of the year, one step remover pads for your nail polish! You heard me, these magic little towelettes remove your nail polish in a flash. 

Simply wipe the towelette over your nails to remove polish for #SoCutex nails. With Cutex you can always count on #HealthyNails. 

Spring break is not complete without a fresh coat of the best spring shades. The easiest way to save money before spring break is skipping the nail salon and doing a DIY manicure. Pick up a new polish and paint your nails with your friends before your big trip! 

Personally I turn to some of my favorite Essie shades when deciding on a nail color for my vacation to Naples, FL. Here are a few of my favorite shades that are a must for spring and summer: 

Essie First Timer- A fun mint ice cream green perfect for a festive Saint Patrick's Day. 
Essie Mint Candy Apple- This light gorgeous blue will perfectly compliment any clear blue water. 
Essie Chills and Frills (similar)- A fund dark indigo color is fun and flirty with a darker tone. 
Essie Bikini So Teeny- Periwinkle please! This adorable light purple blue shade is just what you need to accent your new found tan. 

What are your go-to nail polish shades? Let me know in the comments! 

My Cutex nail polish remover pads were provided by Influenster for free for my review. Although the item was gifted to me I provide my full and honest opinion to benefit my readers!  #contest #ad 

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Spring Break: Let's Talk Packing List

Spring break is almost here! Thank goodness. I get on a plane SUPER early tomorrow morning to head to warmer weather, beaches, and sunshine.

Lately I've been struggling with course work overload. So, a much needed break is coming my way. I will be spending spring break with my boyfriend and another couple in Naples, FL. I am so excited to get to go back and hang out at the beach, go shopping, soak up the sun, and take some awesome blog photos! 

Now the question is what to pack! Well, here are the things I am packing for a week in paradise: 
  • 5 of my favorite tees: Instead of wearing cover ups I wear t-shirts with a pair of running shorts! So, naturally, I have to pack a few of my favorite t-shirts to sport on the beach. This spring break I'll be packing lots of Rowdy Gentleman and Jadelynn Brooke tees! In case you want to pick up some of your own Jadelynn Brooke tees be sure to use the code IOWASTMP to get 15% off! 
  • 2 pairs of Krass & Co. shorts: My Krass & Co. shorts are my go-to shorts! They have so many cute designs and are perfect for anything beach or active related. 
  • 4 swim suits: Swimsuits are obviously a must for spring break! My favorite places to get swimsuits are Victoria Secret and Aerie! I just went to Aerie and they had so many cute styles. If your headed to a beach location swimsuits are a given. When I went on spring break last year I brought around 5-6 swimsuits. That way I could just wear a different one each day and I didn't have to worry about them drying. 
  • 1 beach towel: My Lauren James beach towel is my new go-to item for the beach. It is very large so you can either lay on it or use it to dry off. Also, having your own beach towel is super nice so you don't have to borrow other peoples! 
  • 5 Cute dresses: When I go on vacation, especially with my boyfriend, we like to get dressed up and go out to eat. So, I will for sure be packing a few cute dresses including my Lilly Pulitzer frocks (duh!). Even if you don't plan to go out and do a fancy dinner on spring break be sure to pack at least 1-2 dresses just to throw on for an easy outfit. 
  • 3 Casual tops: Casual tops are always nice to have to wear after a long day at the beach for a relaxing night. I usually just bring a cute tee or tank that will go with a pair of chino shorts. 
  • 5 Chino shorts and skirts: When packing I always pack a combination or chino shorts with skirts. My favorite shorts are from J Crew then I also have a bunch of cute skorts from Lilly that I am planning on bringing. 
  • 1 pair of Jack Rogers: Jack Rogers are my go-to sandal of choice. My gold pair matches anything I could wear! Also, it makes packing super easy when I can wear one shoe with practically everything. 
  • 1 pair of pool flip flops: I always pack a pair of "crapy" flip flops to wear at the beach. No one wants to have their favorite sandals all sandy. So be sure to pack a separate pair for the beach or pool 
  • 1 beach tote with beach essentials: My beach bag consists of mainly sunscreen! But having a separate bag for the beach is always handy. I use a tote bag I picked up from the Target and Lilly collab last year. It is oh-sew-cute and colorful! 
What are you packing for spring break? Let me know in the comments! 

Friday, March 11, 2016

Blogger Spotlight: A Pop of Pink

As a PR major having a blog can give you an edge when applying for jobs, internships, and creating your personal brand. That is exactly what Ellen Borza from A Pop of Pink did.

In 2014 Borza created A Pop of Pink, which is a fashion and lifestyle blog. Being a communications major in college Borza has found that blogging has helped her reach her career goals post graduation.

Being in the constant practice of writing is important for anyone, regardless of their career,” she said, “I would also say that blogging helped me with PR pitching, and knowing how to create a great pitch.”

Now, Borza works in public relations as a PR specialist at a digital marketing agency. All of the PR work Borza does is digital rather than in print.

Borza said, “Rather than pitching an article idea to a magazine or newspaper, I may be pitching it to a website that features content that is relevant to my client’s business.”

When pursuing a career in PR or communications, Borza’s advice is to read everything that you can find. She claims it is the best way to learn about the industry.

“If you know you want to go into a career in PR or communications, subscribe to industry publications,” Borza said, “That way you can show a prospective employer that you're truly interested and passionate!”

With being a full time PR specialist and running a blog Borza often works ahead to keep up with A Pop of Pink.

Borza does her best to stick to a strict posting schedule so she can keep up with her blog. By scheduling posts ahead of time she can avoid cramming the night before a post goes live.

Working ahead is a great tip to balance a blog and work or school.

Although balancing work and a blog can be difficult, Borza has gained many rewards from blogging.

Borza’s favorite part about being a blogger is the community she has found with other bloggers.

She said, “It’s so cool to see everyone grow and become successful!”

For Borza blogging is a creative outlet to share what she loves with her readers. 

To learn more about Borza read her blog A Pop of Pink!

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Spring Break: Let's Talk Smooth Skin #ChooseToSmooth

Smooth skin is a must on spring break! There is nothing better then freshly shaved legs and soothing lotion, especially after a long winter. So, I'm sharing with you all my smooth skin routine with the help from some of my favorite products.

I recently tried the Gillette Venus Swirl razor with its Violet Swirl Shave Gel. This combo is perfect if you want a super close shave. Obviously, smooth legs are a must to complete your spring break look. This razor has a swirl head that follows the curves of your leg. Although I couldn't get the best control of it, it's my first time using it. I wouldn't recommend this product unless you use shaving cream because the blades are super sharp and may damage your skin. But, I could tell that it was getting the job done. The shave gel smells awesome and matches the adorable purple swirl razor. If you are a lavender fan then this duo is for you!

I normally use the Venus Spa razor which I highly recommend! No matter what, I would say Venus is the way to go when selecting the ideal razor for you. The Gillette Venus Snap is the IDEAL travel razor! It comes in a mini size with an easy to pack container. Overall, I suggest going to Venus with all of your razor needs.

To complete your smooth skin look I always apply lotion after I shave. To be honest, I hate lotion. I think it is super slimy and sticky and it usually makes my skin just feel gross. But, I have recently discovered the holy grail of lotion products. Nivea in shower lotion is my new must-have! Unlike most lotions you apply it in the shower and simply rinse it off. Afterwards I can notice my skin moisturized without a sticky feeling all over (which is the worst). If you're more of a normal lotion girl I also recommend Nivea's other body lotions.

What is your smooth skin routine? Let me know in the comments!

My venus shave gel and razor were provided by Influenster for free for my review. Although these items were gifted to me I provide my full and honest opinion to benefit my readers! 

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Go Blog Social Snapshots

This past Saturday I went to Kansas City to attend the Go Blog Social conference! I have heard about the conference before but never had the chance to go. Now that I have a place to stay near KC I couldn't not take the opportunity to go! It was an amazing day of connecting, learning, and snapping some awesome photos. So, here are a few snapshots from my day at Go Blog Social. 

Fete Box was the decorating sponsor for the event! We had the opportunity to stage our own photo with party inspiration. Of course I gravitated towards the gold, pink, and white colors. Their decorations were super cute! From confetti to other fun props the day was filled with adorable decor. 

Although I went by myself I still wanted to take advantage of the adorable photo booth! With awesome props and custom filters it was perfect for the event. 

LocalE is a local brand made by two twin bloggers in KC. Their shirts were adorable and super soft. I think I might have to convert to being a Kansas City girl so I can rock one. The creators of the brand were also one of our speakers! Be sure to look out for my recap post to hear all about what I learned at the conference. 

LocalE's display was so cute! Not to mention their tees were to die for. 

One of the sponsors was a planner company and they were really beautiful planners. You can find J.Lynn Designery planners on her website! 

Another snapshot of Fete Box the decoration sponsor of Go Blog Social! This box was hanging out on our table and I was obsessed! For anyone planning a party these little boxes are perfect for some awesome decorations. 

Hand and Land was one of the booths at the event. They handed out free bath salts and I won a body wash from them! The company is based in Kansas and sells all natural or organic hair, body, and baby products. Let me tell you they smell amazing! 

I snagged some lavender bath salt from Hand and Land. I can't wait to unwind and relax with an amazing bath soon. 

Bloom Academy was the flower sponsor and created some beautiful center pieces. I also got to create an adorable flower crown at her booth! Mine wasn't the best but it was still really cute!  

In our goodie bags we scored a Kendra Scott coupon for 15% off. Hello Kendra Scott is my favorite jewelry company ever! I can't wait to pick something out and use the coupon in store. Also, I snagged this adorable "like a boss" pen that all attendees got. 

I had SO much fun at Go Blog Social Kansas City! I'm planning on attending other cities in their tour this year. They are hitting up Chicago and Des Moines! Be on the lookout for a recap post on my entire experience and what I took away from the speakers.