Thursday, March 10, 2016

Spring Break: Let's Talk Smooth Skin #ChooseToSmooth

Smooth skin is a must on spring break! There is nothing better then freshly shaved legs and soothing lotion, especially after a long winter. So, I'm sharing with you all my smooth skin routine with the help from some of my favorite products.

I recently tried the Gillette Venus Swirl razor with its Violet Swirl Shave Gel. This combo is perfect if you want a super close shave. Obviously, smooth legs are a must to complete your spring break look. This razor has a swirl head that follows the curves of your leg. Although I couldn't get the best control of it, it's my first time using it. I wouldn't recommend this product unless you use shaving cream because the blades are super sharp and may damage your skin. But, I could tell that it was getting the job done. The shave gel smells awesome and matches the adorable purple swirl razor. If you are a lavender fan then this duo is for you!

I normally use the Venus Spa razor which I highly recommend! No matter what, I would say Venus is the way to go when selecting the ideal razor for you. The Gillette Venus Snap is the IDEAL travel razor! It comes in a mini size with an easy to pack container. Overall, I suggest going to Venus with all of your razor needs.

To complete your smooth skin look I always apply lotion after I shave. To be honest, I hate lotion. I think it is super slimy and sticky and it usually makes my skin just feel gross. But, I have recently discovered the holy grail of lotion products. Nivea in shower lotion is my new must-have! Unlike most lotions you apply it in the shower and simply rinse it off. Afterwards I can notice my skin moisturized without a sticky feeling all over (which is the worst). If you're more of a normal lotion girl I also recommend Nivea's other body lotions.

What is your smooth skin routine? Let me know in the comments!

My venus shave gel and razor were provided by Influenster for free for my review. Although these items were gifted to me I provide my full and honest opinion to benefit my readers! 

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