Friday, March 25, 2016

Spring Break Snapshots

This past week I was able to go to Naples, FL with my boyfriend and another couple for spring break! I had a much needed break and did a lot of relaxing by the pool and on the beach. Here are a few snapshots of the week. Most of these can be found on my Instagram account @miranda_pollitt19. If you aren't following me be sure to check out my Instagram for everyday posts and updates for Sew Cute Style! 

The first full day we started off at the pool in my boyfriends neighborhood. I am personally a pool girl. For me it is so refreshing and relaxing! Plus sand is the most annoying but awesome thing. So, having an amazing pool to go to was great during the week. Also, I sported my new Jadelynn Brooke tee I got in this months rep package. Want to get a cute new tee for spring break? Use the code IOWASTMP for 15% off your ENTIRE purchase! 

For our first night out in Naples we headed downtown on 3rd Street to eat and shop. Of course I had to stop in the Lilly store there to try on some awesome pieces. I ended up picking this super cute pink cotton quarter sleeve ON SALE! The wallpaper in the dressing rooms was amazing so I had to snap a picture. 

Palm trees = happiness! A week in warm weather and sunshine was just what I needed. I even got a little tan (which NEVER happens). 

Over spring break I got lavaliered! It was so exciting and I am honored to be apart of Triangle at KU in a bigger way. 

My new KJP pink pearl bracelet is my new favorite! I have been wearing it A LOT. Pink is a neutral in my colorful world so this matches a lot of my looks. It is for sure one of my favorite KJP bracelets of the moment. 

This spring break I was snapping some awesome Rowdy Gentleman photos for my rep program! Naturally I had to pull out my awesome flag for a few photos. My shorts are from Krass & Co. are are my go-to beach attire. Jeremy's swim trunks are from Rowdy Gentleman! 

Beach days are always fun! I picked up this super cute purple and coral lobster swim suit from Aerie a little while back. I got it on super clearance at the end of summer. The best time to buy swimsuits is when they are about to go out of season. If you want a bargain be sure to shop at the end of summer and save them for spring break or next summer! 

I whale Chicago! I love this picture my boyfriend and I took in our vineyard vines Chicago tees we picked up last summer. Vineyard vines tees are the perfect pool or beach shirt because they are so soft and who doesn't love the little pink whale? 

What did you do this spring break? Let me know in the comments! 

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  1. aw all of these are pictures are adorable. I especially love your matching tshirts haha.