Friday, March 4, 2016

Blogger Spotlight: Charmingly Styled

Balancing blogging and a full time job can be difficult. But, Maya McDonald has created the perfect work life and blogging balance.

Chicago based blogger McDonald runs Charmingly Styled a beauty, fashion, and lifestyle focused blog. Working as a Midwestern blogger McDonald says there is an abundance of opportunities.

She said, “There are so many bloggers out in NYC and LA, so we’re lucky to able to work with big brands who want to expand to having a Midwestern presence.”

As a blogger from the Midwest myself, I think there are huge advantages of living outside of NYC or LA. It gives you the opportunity to stand out against other major bloggers based in fashion capitols.

When it comes to blogging in Chicago, McDonald has a few favorite spots to snap photos. McDonald said, “I love taking photos around my neighborhood of Lincoln Park because the streets and homes are just so darn cute!” 
McDonald also says the Westloop has colorful spots perfect for snapping blog photos. As for me, I love taking photos near Millennium Park when I am downtown.

When it comes to Chicago hangouts McDonald has a few favorites. She said, “I love SoHo house for a nice hangout spot or drinks, Bohemian House and Fat Rice for dinner, and then Floriole right around the corner from me for coffee and treats!”

McDonald works full time at Zapwater Communications in Chicago in addition to running her blog. As the social media manager, a blogger, co-founder for the lifestyle site Wandeleur, and a freelance social media manager, blogger, and writer McDonald has mastered having it all!

In addition to McDonalds other jobs she is the co-founder of Midwest Bloggers. Midwest Bloggers is a blogger collective to bring awareness to bloggers in the Midwest.

My friend Lauren and I wanted to draw awareness to the fact that there's a huge pool of talent and untapped bloggers in the Midwest, so we started the collective in hopes of bringing people together and getting opportunities for bloggers,” she said, “It's been something we hope to continue to grow, and it's been a fun little side project over the years!”

Balancing so many projects and keeping up with her blog takes a lot of work and dedication!

As a very busy individual I can relate to balancing many jobs along with my blog. Being co-editor in chief of Trend magazine, the PR & Marketing director for The Fashion Show, taking 18 credits, along with my blog can be hard at times.

But, I know that maintaining my blog is a fun way for me to express myself outside of my other activities. Also, I’ve become a master of time management along the way.

As for blogging McDonald encourages people to start blogging for the right reasons. Many people start to blog to gain fame and to make tons of money.

However, you should start a blog to express your creativity!

McDonald said, “You have to stay true to yourself and know that you're proud of what you're creating”.

She also said don’t be afraid to network!

 “Don't be afraid to network! Reach out to a blogger to chat, create a masterminds group, and stay connected,” she said, “You'll meet so many amazing people that way.”

Thank you to Maya for taking the time to answer a few questions for me! It's so nice connecting with other midwest bloggers from Chicago! Be sure to check out her blog Charmingly Styled!

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