Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Sew Engaged: My Bridesmaid Proposal Boxes

Hello friends! I'm back with another Wedding Wednesday post. This one is very exciting because I have finally put together my bridesmaid proposal boxes for my bridesmaids! This was one thing I was super excited to create. I love a DIY project + giving gifts. So putting together my own bridesmaid boxes was a no brainer. I've seen a lot of pre-made boxes available on Etsy. But, I think it is more fun and personalized to create your own boxes. Today I'll share all of the details of all of the items I included in my proposal boxes. 

I am a huge stationery fan. So I wanted to find cute cards to write each girl a personalized note. When I found these pop culture inspired cards I knew I had to get them. I got each girl a different card to represent her personality or a show I know she likes! This Etsy shop also lets you customize who the card is for. You can change it to say bridesmaid, made of honor, flower girl, and more. If you're guy is looking for cards you can also create groomsmen or best man cards! On the envelops I wrote each girls name in calligraphy. I am a novice when it comes to calligraphy. But, I think they ended up turning out cute! 

I lucked out with these adorable heart shape boxes. It pays off to be putting these together during Valentine's Day! I honestly had a difficult time finding cute boxes. PRO TIP: Look during Christmas or seasonal times for cute boxes to stash for later. There was a Christmas gift box that was white and gold that I wanted to use, but they were sold out. Luckily these heart ones worked perfectly! Hobby Lobby was the next best place that I found box options. The letters I used for the lids my mom cut out with her Cricut machine. If you don't have access to a Cricut machine opt for letter stickers instead! I think this added another personalized touch to the boxes. 

I scored these sheet masks on sale from Target after Christmas! But I love adding a little self care component to the boxes. These are also a great option if you are on a budget because you can find sheet masks for $2-$3 each. Or potentially find a pack to save even more. I think a self care or spa theme box could also be super cute! 

Who doesn't love candy? I found these rose flavor jelly beans in the seasonal section at Target. But, I think boozy theme candy is perfect when you have to ship your boxes. 4/6 of my bridesmaids are out of town. So I couldn't give them cute little champagne or wine bottles. If you have more of your bridal party in town I think that is a great alternative! Candy just worked best for me due to me having to ship out boxes. Sugarfina cubes are also a great option for candy for your box! I included one in my maid of honor's box as an extra treat. 

If you belong to the Disney community you know that straw charms are the new hot thing. Basically it is a 3D printed shape that slips onto a straw. It makes for the perfect cute touch to your cup or tumbler straw! I worked with JJ Creations to make a custom bridal straw charm. She created this amazing bridal inspired Minnie Mouse ear charm and I am in love! Of course I got one for myself that includes a veil. We are planning a Disney bachelorette trip so I love that they can use these on the trip as well! 

Who doesn't love a little sparkle? I couldn't resist these diamond pens! There are a ton of options on Etsy for pens like these. But, I specifically wanted a white and gold combination. Although if you aren't as picky I saw rose gold, gold, silver, pink, and lots of other color options across Etsy! 

This little hair tie I thought was just too cute! It came with these little diamond cards to attach the hair tie. The little tie the knot saying was perfect to include. These hair ties are another great budget friendly option and can be bought in sets. So, you can always gift them on your bachelorette party too. 

For an additional customized touch I opted for these cute initial tumblers. There are tons of customizable cups on Etsy so you can create whatever look you are going for. Whether you want a full monogram, names, or initials the possibilities are endless. These clear and gold tumblers spoke to me the most though! So cute, and aren't wedding specific so they can use them whenever. 

Where it's from: 
Tumbler: ModParty
Hair Tie: ModParty
Box: Target
Cards: Tagooey
Candy: Target
Facemask: Target

Tips for putting together your bridesmaid proposal boxes: 

1. Think of items that they can use everyday! Although wedding specific favors are fun, try and think of things they can use in their daily lives. Maybe it is a tumbler cup, a candle, hair accessory, stationery, etc.! Wedding things are super exciting as a newly engaged lady, but may not be super exciting to your bridal party. 

2.  Don't over spend! You don't need to spend $100 on each girl for an elaborate proposal. If you have the budget for that, that's great. But, it's the thought that counts. Your bridesmaids will be happy just for the gesture! 

3. It's you're wedding at the end of the day. Don't want to do a proposal box? It's not necessary! A thoughtful handwritten note does the trick as well. I'm just extra and wanted to do boxes. But, for sure isn't necessary especially if you are working on a tight budget. 

4. Check out small shops! Use sites like Etsy or search on Instagram for small business owners that you can utilize. Pretty much everything I purchased I got from a small business. Minus the candy and sheet mask. I love supporting small shops and it was super easy to find what I wanted from Etsy sellers. 

If you're engaged hopefully this gave you some ideas on how you can ask your bridal party! Let me know if you're engaged in the comments! 

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