Friday, January 31, 2014

Cute Things for Single Girls

So ladies, I know I'm not the only one who will be single this Valentines day. But fear not you don't need a freaking teddy bear to make you happy! Valentines day may be fun with a boyfriend but trust be it's just as good without one. 

This year I plan to go see a movie with all of my friends on my residence hall floor. Don't be afraid to go see a sappy movie or have a chocolate fest by yourself. There is no shame. I am NOT here to judge you. 

However, I do have some super cute pictures that will make you want to die (in a very good way though). So, if you don't like super cute romantic things you best look away. If you do then please enjoy some cute things for single girls that I have stumbled upon. 

Okay can this be my wedding. This picture is literally perfect I can't deal with it. Like no. They need to leave. 

Clueless is such a classic. I found this on Tumblr so of course I had to include it. 

If you don't like this picture you need to just I don't even know what. Sarah Vickers is literally perfection and I died when I saw their proposal picture. It is pure perfection. 

Everyone has seen this picture but I had to put it in. I literally think this is hilarious. 

If Gossip Girl doesn't make you feel better on Valentines day I think you are out of luck. Literally they are all perfect! 

Okay if you haven't seen this movie trailer please click HERE immediately. This is a movie that is coming out in the summer I believe and it is called The Fault in Our Stars. It's based on a book and apparently the book is really good. All over Tumblr I have seen gifs of this and I actually cried in commercial for it (no shame no shame). It seems like a really great story and not your typical "romance" movie. So GO WATCH THE TRAILER you won't regret it I promise! 

Thursday, January 30, 2014

How to layer!

Layering is one of my essentials this winter. Walking around on campus means that you have to layer up to keep warm. So, I am going to give you my tips and tricks to layering. 

My two main layering pieces are some sort of button down and a sweater/ sweatshirt. I love when you layer a button down because the collar peeks out. The collar of your shirt can add an extra detail to the look. Then my next main tip is to wear statement necklaces with your layering. I always wear statement necklaces. But, I always wear statement necklaces but especially when I layer. They can add a touch of whatever your style is. 

American Eagle
Where to get layering pieces: 
J Crew 

Forever 21 plaid shirts

Forever 21 

How to Layer

Here are two looks I created that I would typically wear when it comes to layering. Pair your layered look with either a skirt of patterned jeans to mix it up from a normal look. Also, be sure to add your favorite accessories. 

The first look I used a plaid shirt and a pull over sweater. This look is super sophisticated and preppy.This look would be ideal for an event or occasion where you want to look nice but also still be a little casual. With the layered pieces I paired it with a simple black skirt, flats, and bold sparkly jewelry. 

How I layer: 
Here are some of the ways that I layer. I love layering with my plaid shirt. It's a great way to add print and color to a layered look. 

In this look I layered a embellished sweatshirt with a denim button down. This is a great casual and comfortable look. 

Carrie Diaries inspired look

One of my new obsessions is the show Carrie Diaries. It is full of fashion, friendship, and a really unique plot line. If you haven't watched it YOU NEED TO! The first season is one Netflix so go hit it up. 

But, in the show I love young Carrie Bradshaw's style. She is super spunky and not to mention bold. In her looks she incorporates a lot of patterns, textures, and colors. There is never a dull outfit when it comes to her style! 

This is one of an early looks she wears in the first season of Carrie Diaries. It is a super fun sequin dress, bright patterned cardigan, and then a bold pair of pumps. Although this look is a little out there you can totally get inspiration from it! 

Here are two looks that I created based off that photo. Both looks involve sequins of course! I think both of these looks would be fun for a night out or a party. They have some 80's influences without being too obvious. 

The first look (left) is super glam and more sophisticated of the two. I paired a cream and gold dress with a fun animal print cardigan. The colors aren't too out there which makes it a little more wearable. A pop of color is added with a skinny belt which you could wear at the waist. I added a fun pair of pointy toed heels and a long necklace to complete the look. The shoes also add a little bit of an edgy touch with the gold metallic heel. You could create this look by simply mixing up a sequin dress you already have. 

The second look (right) is for sure very bold and colorful. I paired a cheetah sweater with a simple black sequin skirt. Bright pink pumps adds an extra pop of color in addition to to the green in the sweater. To achieve this look simply pair a fun sweater you have with a sequin skirt. If you have a colored pair of heels throw those on as well. To finish the look wear your favorite bold statement necklace and a dash of pink on your lips. 

Don't be afraid to take inspiration from your favorite shows. If you see an outfit you like try and re-create it with pieces you already have. 

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Preppy Diaries: Monogram Monday

On Monday I sported a fairly recent purchase of mine which is a M sweater from Old Navy. I think this is super cute and not to mention preppy! I love the combination of the grey and the pink and it is also a great layering piece. When the weather is in the negative 20s you have to layer up. So I paired the sweater with a pink, purple, and red plaid shirt. I simply paired the layered look with a pair of dark wash jeans and my signature brown boots. 

For an extra pop of color I added a bold pink statement necklace. Also, I wore my Michael Kors watch and Alex and Ani bangles. Then another small touch in the look is my pearl stud earrings. 

Overall, I am obsessed with super preppy sweater. It was also at a great price! 

Where it's from: 
Sweater: Old Navy 
Shirt: American Eagle 
Jeans: American Eagle 
Boots: Michael Kors 
Watch: Michael Kors 
Necklace: Dry Goods 
Bracelets: Alex and Ani 

On Instagram: 

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Valentines Day Gift Ideas

Do you need a gift for a sweetheart for valentines day? Or do you want to get yourself something nice to make up for a single year (no shame girl power everyone)? Well here are some of my top picks of good valentines gift ideas! 

What girl doesn't like getting some jewelry? Whoever you are shopping for a fun bracelet or ring is a great idea for a small gift. Alex and Ani has great bangles that can be super personal. Not to mention I am basically obsessed with them and I think they work for a lot of people. Or you could find a fun and bold bracelet from a site like Bauble Bar. In general jewelry is always a good route to go. Personally, I love getting a new bauble for my collection. 

Lets say your girl is more into being comfy and casual. A fun pair of bright Uggs will not only keep her feet warm but they will look super cue with a pair of leggings or skinny jeans. 

For a smaller gift think of a fun makeup item. Butter London nail polish, a YSL lip color, or a Bobbi Brown palette are good splurge beauty items that she wouldn't accept to get for valentines day. These will be a big hit because most girls don't splurge on makeup. But, when someone else does it they will love it! 

Another great option is a fun bag. I love this bow Kate Spade bag and it would be a great option if your girlfriend (or yourself.....) isn't big into jewelry. Also, perfume is a great alternative to jewelry. I want the One Direction perfume but be sure to pick a scent that works for your girl! And don't be afraid to get a gift receipt just incase she doesn't like the scent. 

One last small gift is a fun planner. This is a great idea if you are shopping for a college girl! I am obsessed with my planner and I wouldn't mind getting a cute one like this Kate Spade planner or a Lilly Pulitzer agenda. 

Those are all of my Valentines gift ideas! So no matter who you are shopping for step outside of the box from the traditional candy and teddy bear and get something your girlfriend can actually use and enjoy. 
(But still get candy... because girls love candy and food in general.) 

Hope you have a fun Valentines day wether you are single or taken :) 

Monday, January 27, 2014

Grammy's Fashion 2014

Grammy Gowns: 
Yesterday were the Grammys! Who tuned in to watch the stars of music? Well I flipped in between that and the Bachelor wedding (no shame ladies Sean is perfect you can't not watch it). My favorite part about award shows is seeing what everyone wears of course! To be honest I wasn't that impressed with that many gowns this time around. But I do have two favorites I want to share with you all! 

Taylor Swift: 
I hardly ever dislike something Taylor Swift is wearing. I think she always looks very classy, elegant, but still young at the same time. I am IN LOVE with her red carpet dress. It really catches the lights on the red carpet and it is super sophisticated. I like how there is sleeves but it doesn't seem stuffy or old looking. Not to mention she just looks stunning. I have a love hate relationship with Taylor Swift (mainly because she dated Harry Styles but thats a different story.....) but I will say she always looks gorgeous! 


Anna Kendrick: 
My other favorite was Anna Kendrick. Her dress, hair, and makeup I thought was perfect. I thought her dress was super sexy but it was elegant at the same time. I thought the beading detail was super delicate and added a needed touch to the dress. Overall she looked great! 

Those are my favorites from the Grammy's! What were your favorite looks? 

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Spring Trends: Accent Collared Shirts

Accent Collared Shirts

Spring fashion is just around the corner! I don't know about you but I am so ready for spring and warmer weather. Today in Ames it is about negative 20 degrees without wind chill! So, I want the warmer weather and a change from my scarves and heavy coats. 

A major trend for spring is collared or oxford shirts. Specifically shirts with accent collars. This trend is super easy to achieve without trying very hard at all. In fact, you might already have one of these shirts in your closet. 

I created three looks with three different types of styles. The girly option pairs a collared shirt with a pair of pastel high waisted shorts. It creates a light and fun look. The wild option incorporates a cheetah print collar. This look is ideal if you want a hint of sass and edge. The last look is for someone who is edgy with a hint of boho chic. With the leather accent collar it adds a touch of edge. But, if you wear a fun colorful chain necklace it brightens up the otherwise dark look. 

You could even wear these looks right now! Simply pair the shorts or skirt with tights and the sleeveless shirts with a cardi or oversized sweater. So, if you are eager for spring simply take this trend and start it early. Maybe it will change the weather..... just kidding it will probably be cold forever :( 

xoxo Miranda 

Where you can find it: 

Friday, January 24, 2014

OOTD: Emerald Leather

Today's outfit is very out of the box for me. Sometimes I just feel like I want to have an alternate ego and just dress totally edgy. This was one of those days. 

My outfit includes a fringe pencil skirt and a green leather jacket. The leather jacket is a recent Christmas present and I am kind of obsessed. The sleeves have a cool detail were they zip off so you can wear it as a vest which is kind of perfect. Also, not to mention it has a super unique dark emerald green color. I styled my hair in a sectioned pony with a cute wire headband. You can see my hair tutorial for how I styled it on my blog! 

To finish the look I wore my favorite ankle booties and a pair of black tights. 

Where it's from: 
Jacket: BB Dakota (from a local boutique) 
Skirt: Pacsun 
Shirt: Nordstrom 
Headband: Brandy Melville 
Shoes: Dolce Vita 

On Instagram: 

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Preppy Diaries: Sophisticated Stripes

This look is basically head to toe J Crew, which is basically amazing. I am loving this striped embellished top from J Crew. I got it on sale in Chicago while shopping over winter break. It has a gorgeous beading and rhinestone detail on the chest which isn't tacky in any way (which I think is hard when it comes to sequins) In general I am obsessed with striped tops from J Crew I have three that basically are all the same but I still keep buying them. It's an addiction. 

I paired the top with a J Crew skirt which is actually from the kids department. It was super cheap so it is justifiable. I like how the skirt has a small flair and also some pleating detail. To finish the look I wore my favorite brown boots and a pair of brown sweater tights. 

Overall the look is super preppy and classy I think. I also wore this outfit to my first meeting as an executive member for my school's fashion magazine. It totally reflects my style and I thought it looked put together but still a little casual. 

Where it's from: 
Shirt: J Crew 
Skirt: J Crew (Crew Cuts) 
Boots: Michael Kors 
Tights: Nordstrom 
Watch: Michael Kors 
Bracelets: Alex and Ani 

{Candid shots?}

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

My Favorite Things: Kate Spade New Arrivals!

 I had a break in my classes the other day so of course I decided to browse my favorite site, Kate Spade, for new arrivals. Here are some of the adorable/ amazing things I found. 

Both of these purses are DARLING! I have a bigger bag on my wishlist for my birthday (my birthday is in June but a girl has to plan ahead for such an occasion.) I love the one on the left because of the unique outside pockets. I haven't seen the purse in person but if they actually open that would be so handy! There is a place to keep everything on hand and readily available. Then the purse on the right is totally cute. I love the simple black and white and who doesn't love a bow? 

Okay, so I know I can't afford full price Kate Spade clothing... but a girl can dream! But, I am totally obsessed with this embellished cardi along with this bow tie top. I think they would be super cute paired together. I am for sure going to be looking for a dupe for these two pieces. 

I'm also loving this color block tank. It's super bold and not to mention bright. It would be a fun piece to have during the spring. 

Can we please talk about this necklace? It is super fun and I love how oversized it is. (Actually its the perfect size its not to big!) 

Right now Kate Spade has some darling accessories! I'm especially loving this bangle and these dainty ice cream cone earrings.