Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Valentines Day Gift Ideas

Do you need a gift for a sweetheart for valentines day? Or do you want to get yourself something nice to make up for a single year (no shame girl power everyone)? Well here are some of my top picks of good valentines gift ideas! 

What girl doesn't like getting some jewelry? Whoever you are shopping for a fun bracelet or ring is a great idea for a small gift. Alex and Ani has great bangles that can be super personal. Not to mention I am basically obsessed with them and I think they work for a lot of people. Or you could find a fun and bold bracelet from a site like Bauble Bar. In general jewelry is always a good route to go. Personally, I love getting a new bauble for my collection. 

Lets say your girl is more into being comfy and casual. A fun pair of bright Uggs will not only keep her feet warm but they will look super cue with a pair of leggings or skinny jeans. 

For a smaller gift think of a fun makeup item. Butter London nail polish, a YSL lip color, or a Bobbi Brown palette are good splurge beauty items that she wouldn't accept to get for valentines day. These will be a big hit because most girls don't splurge on makeup. But, when someone else does it they will love it! 

Another great option is a fun bag. I love this bow Kate Spade bag and it would be a great option if your girlfriend (or yourself.....) isn't big into jewelry. Also, perfume is a great alternative to jewelry. I want the One Direction perfume but be sure to pick a scent that works for your girl! And don't be afraid to get a gift receipt just incase she doesn't like the scent. 

One last small gift is a fun planner. This is a great idea if you are shopping for a college girl! I am obsessed with my planner and I wouldn't mind getting a cute one like this Kate Spade planner or a Lilly Pulitzer agenda. 

Those are all of my Valentines gift ideas! So no matter who you are shopping for step outside of the box from the traditional candy and teddy bear and get something your girlfriend can actually use and enjoy. 
(But still get candy... because girls love candy and food in general.) 

Hope you have a fun Valentines day wether you are single or taken :) 

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