Thursday, January 30, 2014

Carrie Diaries inspired look

One of my new obsessions is the show Carrie Diaries. It is full of fashion, friendship, and a really unique plot line. If you haven't watched it YOU NEED TO! The first season is one Netflix so go hit it up. 

But, in the show I love young Carrie Bradshaw's style. She is super spunky and not to mention bold. In her looks she incorporates a lot of patterns, textures, and colors. There is never a dull outfit when it comes to her style! 

This is one of an early looks she wears in the first season of Carrie Diaries. It is a super fun sequin dress, bright patterned cardigan, and then a bold pair of pumps. Although this look is a little out there you can totally get inspiration from it! 

Here are two looks that I created based off that photo. Both looks involve sequins of course! I think both of these looks would be fun for a night out or a party. They have some 80's influences without being too obvious. 

The first look (left) is super glam and more sophisticated of the two. I paired a cream and gold dress with a fun animal print cardigan. The colors aren't too out there which makes it a little more wearable. A pop of color is added with a skinny belt which you could wear at the waist. I added a fun pair of pointy toed heels and a long necklace to complete the look. The shoes also add a little bit of an edgy touch with the gold metallic heel. You could create this look by simply mixing up a sequin dress you already have. 

The second look (right) is for sure very bold and colorful. I paired a cheetah sweater with a simple black sequin skirt. Bright pink pumps adds an extra pop of color in addition to to the green in the sweater. To achieve this look simply pair a fun sweater you have with a sequin skirt. If you have a colored pair of heels throw those on as well. To finish the look wear your favorite bold statement necklace and a dash of pink on your lips. 

Don't be afraid to take inspiration from your favorite shows. If you see an outfit you like try and re-create it with pieces you already have. 

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