Tuesday, July 30, 2019

J. Crew Fall Ready Pieces on Sale

Fall is right around the corner, and thank goodness! I am honestly not a summer girl. I love fall, cooler weather, wearing jackets and sweaters, plus fall candles are to die for. There are so many reasons to love fall, and I am ready for fall fashion.

The Nordstrom sale may be almost over, but J. Crew is having a really good sale right now with 40% off full price items. Which means fall ready pieces are on sale! There are some really cute sweaters, tees, and even jeans that are all under $100 + 40% off! All of the picks I included in this post are under $100, before any discount. So, they are really affordable and you can get a good deal on top of it!

From cute ruffled sweaters to cheetah prints this fall is going to be super girly and I am here for it. I am loving this rusty mustard color that has been popping up everywhere. It's something different for me but I am liking it! Then of course I am a huge cheetah print fan so I am happy that trend is back for another season. Although I included some trendier pieces in this guide, this sale is also a good time to stock up on basics like denim or a classic white cardigan. They are great staples you can wear all year round in the sale so be sure to browse around!

Are you ready for fall fashion? Let me know in the comments below!

Monday, July 29, 2019

Dose of Disney: Edna Mode

"I never look back darling, it distracts from the now"- Edna Mode


Edna Mode is seriously my spirit animal. When I originally saw Incredibles I was obsessed with her. Now, with Incredibles 2 out I love that Edna played a bigger role in the plot! She is seriously the best. Naturally, with all of the buzz about Incredibles 2 I had to create a look inspired by Edna. I even got to meet Edna at Hollywood Studios! Let's just say I peaked. 

I styled this Edna Mode tee with one of my go-to black skirts from Topshop. Seriously this skirt is so versatile I love it. I've worn it in a ton of other Disney Style looks in the past. A black skirt a great staple to have in your closet for a variety of different looks and occasions. 

 Of course the centerpiece of this look are these amazing Incredibles ears! They are made by The Mad Hattear and they are one of the most comfortable ears I own. She actually local to Illinois so I love supporting her shop! I met her in person back at the Dressed in Disney event in Chicago last summer. Be sure to check out her shop and Instagram!

Where it's from: 
Shirt: Shop Disney 
Skirt: Topshop 
Ears: TheMadHattear 
Shoes: Nike 
Location: Hollywood Studios 

Who is your favorite character from the Incredibles? I love Edna and Frozone! Let me know in the comments below. 

Friday, July 26, 2019

Dose of Disney: Incredible Snapshots

This is super old news BUT there is a super cute Incredibles area at Hollywood Studios now! It is located near the old Toy Story Mania entrance and it has some super cute touches. My favorite part is meeting Edna Mode!! But, there are also photo opportunities, a small show, and even Jack Jack's cookie from Pixar Pier. It's a great little area to relax in Hollywood Studios. So, enjoy some snapshots I took of the area on my latest trip to Disney..... 

Which movie do you prefer? Incredibles or Incredibles 2? Let me know in the comments! 

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Recent Movie Reviews

Today, I wanted to share some reviews of some movies I have seen in theaters recently! I feel like this summer in particular there have been so many GOOD movies coming to the theaters. My boyfriend and I recently signed up for AMC A-List which allows you to see up to 3 movies a week for around $20/ month. This includes Dolby, 3D, and regular theater tickets! So it really is a good deal. Basically if you see two movies in Dolby a month it pays for itself. Ticket prices are so outrageous so we've found that this pass allows us to see movies whenever we want, and we don't have to worry about the cost as much. A Dolby ticket at our theater is $16+ so if you have an AMC near you I highly recommend looking into A-List. In the past we had Movie Pass before the rules got insane and it was really great. But, AMC A-List doesn't limit what shows you can see. So, we can go at a peak time say Friday at 7:30pm on opening night of a movie and it is included in the plan. So, long store short we've been seeing a TON of movies. 

Below are the reviews of the movies we have seen that are still available at my local theater. Hopefully they are still around by you so you can catch them if you haven't already seen them! 

Spider Man Far From Home | Okay.... I know I am gonna get some shock from this BUT this is the first Marvel movie I have ever really seen. I did not see End Game I have no knowledge of other characters but I still really enjoyed this movie! I may have a new celebrity crush on Tom Holland, I LOVE HIM! He was adorable in this movie and the action was great as well. Normally I don't really like super heroes but Spiderman may have changed that for me. This movie has action, cute high school awkward romance, and some good funny parts. Also, part of it is filmed in London in areas I have personally been numerous times so that was really cool to see. 

Yesterday | This movie was just meh for me. Didn't hate it didn't love it. It was just kind of slow. I enjoyed the music obviously, but most of the funny parts were in the trailer. Honestly the best part of the movie was Ed Sheeran. He was hilarious! Otherwise I wouldn't recommend seeing it unless you go on a discount ticket day or you have some sort of movie pass. 

Toy Story 4 | I have so many thoughts on this movie.... the short answer is I love Forky but pretty much dislike the rest and I HATED the ending. HATED IT! I still love Disney (obvi) and I still love Toy Story. But I don't think we needed this movie. Would I recommend you see it? I'm not sure at this point. I'm honestly over it and pretending this movie didn't happen. #SorryNotSorry for the very unpopular opinion. 

Aladdin | Now THIS is how you do a live action! This movie was fabulous. Will Smith surprised me, the singing was great, costumes amazing, loved everything about it. Highly recommend! If you were to pick one Disney movie I'd pick Aladdin over Toy Story 4. 

Men in Black | I've never seen the original Men in Black, but I loved this one! I thought it had action but also had some cute parts. Also, loved that part of it was filmed in London and Paris because those are my two favorite cities. I saw some bad reviews of this but I actually really enjoyed it! 

Late Night | This is another meh movie for me. I was expecting more. It is legit the same plot line as the Devil Wears Prada but at a comedy show. I'm not sure about it. Wasn't as funny as I thought, more of a deep movie vs. a comedy in my opinion. 

Secret Life of Pets 2 | Secret Life of Pets is one of my favorite non-Disney animated movies! It is so funny! I think the first movie was better then the second but that is usually the case with kid movies like this. But, it was still super funny, cute, and entertaining! If you enjoy animation I would recommend it. Any kid at heart would enjoy this movie. 

Stuber | GUYS this movie was sooooo sloooowww. I felt like I was moving in slow motion. It is literally 50% just an Uber ride. Like you feel like you are just in an Uber driving through town. Not going to lie it was painful. My boyfriend and I kept looking at each other waiting for it to end. Don't waste your money and skip this one. Sorry that was kind of harsh but it is what you need to hear. 

Those are my reviews on movies I've seen recently! Hopefully you find this helpful to decide which movie to see on your next date night, family day, or girls night! 
What movie are you excited about this month? Let me know in the comments! 

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

OOTD: Red, White, & Dots

I'm all about the dots! And I am here for this unintentional Minnie Style look. What can I say I can't resist a red and white polka dot print. 

Okay but seriously, this romper is adorable! I picked it up from Forever 21 a while ago and sadly it isn't in stock anymore. BUT, I've linked some similar options below for you to check out. Normally I am not a Forever 21 fan, but they've had some super cute things recently. Like this romper! It fits me perfectly and is actually super comfortable. 

To make this romper more casual I paired it with this pair of Adidas sneakers. There is a super similar pair included in the Nordstrom Anniversary sale! These sneakers are a go-to for me. They look great with dresses or skirts but can also be paired with leggings for a lazy day. 

Now this bag... I rediscovered this bag in my closet thanks to the Nordstrom Sale! They are offering virtually the same bag this year again from Tory Burch. Mine has a little bit different texture on the leather but otherwise they are perfect twins. For sure recommend it as this bag is super versatile and is a nice in between size. I also accessorized this look with this adorable white not headband. I'm so into headbands right now it's insane. You probably already know that but I'm here to remind you. My bracelets are my go-to styles from Kendra Scott, Monica Vinader, and my Hermes Clic Clac. Then I added my Michelle watch to complete the look. 

Where it's from: 
Romper: Forever 21 
Bracelets: Kendra Scott, Monica Vinader, Hermes 
Watch: Michelle 

Shop my look below!

Are you a polka dot or stripe person? I love both to be honest! Let me know in the comments. 

Monday, July 22, 2019

Dose of Disney: Just One Bite

Snow White used to scare the crap out of me as a kid to be honest. I mean who else thought the evil queen was just totally terrifying? But, as I grew older I've started to really love the movie and its characters! I mean Dopey is seriously one of the cutest Disney characters out there. So, I created this Snow White inspired look centered around this super cute Uniqlo t-shirt. 

The best part about Uniqlo tees is that they are under $15. You get major Disney style for the fraction of the cost of the tees at the parks. I paired the tee with this Amazon Prime skirt which makes this look even more affordable! 

I love this wrap skirt style, it is super comfortable! Perfect for a day of exploring Epcot. I paired the red polka dots with a matching pair of Minnie ears. It creates the best of princess style and Minnie style in one look! 

Where it's from: 
Skirt: Amazon Prime 
Shirt: Uniqlo 
Ears: Shop Disney Parks 
Shoes: Nike 
Location: Epcot

Which do you prefer? Minnie style or princess style? 

Saturday, July 20, 2019

OOTD: Cold Shoulder

Okay guys... this dress surprised me! This has to be one of my favorite looks I've worn and posted about in a while. Who knew a dress from Forever 21 could be this cute. Maybe it's because I am the size of an average 13 year old, but their stuff fits me really well actually. So, if you are petite and looking for trendy pieces, hit up Forever 21. 

As I said this dress fits really well. The length is honestly perfect! Dresses are really hard for me because often times the length is way too long and a mini dress goes down to my knees or a midi is a maxi. But, this length works! If you are tall this dress would probably be short on you. When I ordered it I was worried it would be too short, but it worked out well! 

You could honestly wear this dress so many different ways. I went a more casual route by pairing it with my Gazelle Adidas sneakers. Which, might I add are included in the Nordstrom anniversary sale! But, you could easily dress up with heels or wedges. You could even transition this into late August or September with a long cardigan and booties. 

I also need to mention this Iris Atelier headband. It is such good quality and a good value option if you've been eyeing those high end headbands all the bloggers are wearing. Her headbands are super comfortable too! The whole time I was wearing it I barely knew it was on. This is the large braided style, but it also comes in a smaller option. 


A few accessories that are included in my look are available at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! My Gazelle Adidas sneakers are on sale and I love these sneakers. I have pairs from two past sales and love them. This years version are suede where these are more of a pebbled look. Then these Kendra Scott star earrings are included. Not going to lie they are confusing to get on and off. But, I figured it out #oops. Tory Burch bags are a huge part of the sale, mine is from a few years ago. There is an almost identical version included in this sale though! So, be sure to check out these N Sale items while you still can. 

Where it's from: 
Bracelets: Monica Vinader, Hermes, Kendra Scott 
Watch: Michelle 

Shop my look below!

How would you style this dress? Dressy or casual? Let me know in the comments! 

Friday, July 19, 2019

Dose of Disney: Pardon My French

Bonjour to a new week! In today's post I'm sharing one of my top favorite Disney looks I have created. When I saw these new Epcot country inspired ears I knew I wanted to create a look around the France pair as it is my favorite country in Epcot. So, I created a whole look centered around these Epcot ball ears. 

The main focus of this look is this hilarious tee from Forever 21. I picked it up during one of their sales and I am loving it for so many reasons. With it's French vibes it is perfect for an Epcot look. Plus, if you know me personally you know I kind of have a potty mouth. It's a bad habit I know, BUT this shirt kind of plays off of that as well. 

My skirt is also a Forever 21 find! Normally I do not like Forever 21, but I am seriously warming up to them. I've scored some really good deals from them recently and I'm all about a good deal. I scored this skirt for around $9 this past fall. It's super versatile and the quality is pretty good! 

This look is giving me all the Parisian vibes! I'm also obsessed with these ears! Way to go Disney for stepping up the ear game. Now you can rep your favorite country while eating your way through the countries. 

Where it's from: 
Shirt: Forever 21 
Skirt: Forever 21 
Ears: Disney Parks at Epcot 
Shoes: Nike from Nordstrom 
Necklace: Ever After Jewelry Co. at Disney Springs
Location: Epcot France Pavilion  

What is your favorite country at Epcot? Clearly I'm a France girl! But, I also love Japan, the U.K. and of course America! Let me know your favorite in the comments.