Saturday, November 30, 2013

Madewell Holiday Wishlist

Madewell Holiday Wishlist

Here are my top gift picks for the Madewell for the holiday season. All of these gifts are perfect for a simple but chic girl on your list. Madewell is full of cozy flannels, fun dresses, and other great pieces. 

Who doesn't love a cargo jacket? This is a great layering piece to have during the cold winter months. Pair it with a dress and tights or wear it with a v-neck and jeans. The possibilities are endless. That's what makes it a perfect gift!

A major trend I have been seeing across the board are clever saying sweaters and fur vests. So why not gift them? Both of these pieces are a fun way to spice up a friend, mom, or relatives wardrobe this holiday season. 

Puffy vest, patterned socks, and leather bags oh my! Madewell has some super adorable accessories that would make great gifts for your girlfriends! 

A flannel is a must during the holiday season. I feel like you can dress a flannel in many different ways. From dressy to casual a flannel will be a major staple for any girl on your shopping list. 

Cozy leggings and a fun t-shirt? Sounds perfect! Both of these pieces are perfect for the relaxed girly girl in your life. They showcase a fun print or a fun saying. What more could you ask for? 
A fun cheetah belt is a great must have for anyone on your list! Pair this with skirts, dresses, or jeans for a fun splash of print and texture. 

Now for some holiday sparkle! These two pieces would be perfect for the glamours one on your list. This crystal rhinestone necklace is a great finishing touch to a holiday dinner outfit. Then a gold shimmer shirt dress is a fun way to add some metallic in your life. The dress has a simple design but it is super chic and clean. 

Be sure to check out Madewell's gift guide!

Guy Gift Guide

Guy Gift Guide

The most challenging task of the season, finding the perfect gift for your dad, brother, or boyfriend. Well, no fear ladies these are some of my personal favorite ideas on what to get your guy for the holidays.

First things first we all know guys LOVE food. So, why not give them some? A great idea is to make their favorite homemade treat and bring it over of the day of your gift exchange. This idea is ideal for mainly a boyfriend. It's a small gift but they will for sure devour them. Next, if they are also a coffee lover pick up their favorite drink and drop it off as a surprise sometime during winter break or even the week of finals. But, if it's to hard to get it to them buy a Starbucks or Caribou gift card and attach a note. It will be a small gesture saying to treat yourself.

If your guy would prefer food over treats simply get them a giftcard to their favorite restaurant. It can be date night on you!

If your guy is an accessory junky then a great option would be a pair of aviators, a classic plaid scarf, a pair of funky shoes, a beanie, or a watch. The possibilities are endless when it comes to buying a guy an accessory. Just tailor it to what guy your shopping for. I know my brother would love a beanie. While, my dad not so much. So, just remember who you are shopping for and you should be golden.

Next, you can always get them clothes. I love buying guys clothes because you can pick what you want them to wear. Get your dad a classic button up and your brother a flannel shirt. (my brother is OBSESSED with flannel but idk about anyone else's).

Overall, guys are low maintenance. So, don't over think their holiday gift. Keep it simple and thoughtful and it will for sure be a hit! 

Friday, November 29, 2013

Cute Coffee Mugs

Cute Coffee Mugs
Perfect gifts for the coffee lover in your life! 

Coffee Lovers

This cute coffee mug is from Etsy! It's super cute and would make a great gift to a tea or coffee lover. The Etsy shop that sells these adorable mugs has many more options/ sayings available! There is one for every person on your list. Click here to see the Revell House Etsy shop!

This monogram mug is perfect for a preppy girl! It not only has chevron but also an adorable monogram. This would make a great personalized gift! Click here to check it out!

Let's say your a Lilly girl? Well this coffee mug is perfect! Whether you want a plain Lilly mug, a monogram, or greek letters this is a super adorable gift. Click here to see it! 

This coffee cup is the ultimate couple gift! Although I am as single as Mike Wazoski's eye I still think this is adorable. Click here to see it!

Check out this funny mug on Etsy! This shop has some super cute mugs in addition to this one. Be sure to check out this Etsy Shop AbigalDee!

The perfect addition to a coffee mug you may ask? A Starbucks or Caribou giftcard. 

Lilly Pulitzer Holiday Wishlist

Lilly Pulitzer Holiday Wishlist: 
Lilly Pulitzer is the perfect place to shop for the preppy girl on your shopping list. To be honest I don't know who wouldn't want Lilly Pulitzer under their tree but..... 

For their holiday collection Lilly Pulitzer still incorporates bright and fun colors which is great for someone who is bold, fun, and silly. Also, if you know someone vacationing over winter break you could get them something fun and bright for a tropical vacation. (hint: I'm going on a cruise over winter break :) Get ready for many posts about it!) 

My top Lilly Pulitzer gifts: 

I am literally in love with this navy sweater! Literally, I find it so hilarious and I just want it... real bad. Then for a comfy gift think of this bright blue pull over. This would be an ideal gift for a more casual girl on your list. Then who doesn't love a classic pair of earrings that you can wear with anything? These dangles are perfect for someone with low jewelry needs. Why? Well they can wear them with practically everything and they aren't to bold. 
Again, a puffy vest is essential in fact is critical in the winter months. A bright magenta color is a fun color to brighten up the winter season. Also, the ribbon detail is an extra touch to make it unique from other vests. 

Lilly Pulitzer Wishlist

So for the tropical and preppy girl on your list check out Lilly Pulitzer's gift guide!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Holiday Collections: Tory Burch

As I look through various designers holiday collections for 2013, I can't help but notice the glamour and sparkle across the board. One of my favorite collections is Tory Burch's Holiday 2013. It is full of sophisticated pieces with touches of lace and sparkle. 

Through this collection it shows how sophisticated sequins can be! I love the contrast between the dark black pieces along with the pastel fabrics and colors. Also, the bead work on all of the pieces is chic and sophisticated 

Tory Burch Holiday Collection

Tory Burch Holiday Collection

I'm basically obsessed with all of these pastel pieces. I wish I could live in pastels but obviously thats not always realistic. But, these pieces are beautiful and perfect for any holiday party this winter. 

An embellished top is a great substitute if your not feeling a dress when your holiday party rolls around. I'm hoping I can find a dupe for this somewhere during the holiday shopping season! 

Here are my top pics from the Tory Burch collection. If I could pick any dress for a holiday party it would for sure be this gorgeous blush pink number. I can picture someone chic sipping on wine and wearing this dress and a classy bar. But, that is just a fantasy but a girl can dream right? 

Then who can pass up a chic sweatshirt and pleated skirt? This look will be re-created at some point don't you worry. 

The black sequin top is a perfect pair for this pencil skirt. I love the ruffle detail on the bottom of the skirt. It makes a normal pencil skirt a little more special.   

Tory Burch Holiday Wishlist

Tory Burch Holiday Wish List: 

Tory Burch's gift guide on their website is perfection. They organize it by color so you can shop accordingly. These are my top picks for gifts from their holiday collection. 



I am obsessed with this blush pink color that Tory Burch has this season. The leather handbag is my ideal pink color in life. In general their holiday collection has a lot of this specific color. 
The button down shirt is a perfect gift idea for anyone with a professional job. I could picture someone wearing it with a sleek pencil skirt and pumps at the office. Then for the home decorator in your life, a Tory Burch candle would be a perfect home accessory to place on a desk or end table. 

A small pink wallet or a floral handbag is perfect for your chic friend or family member. Both of these pieces have super unique details like gold accents and fabric flower embellishments. 


My personal favorite color is purple. So when I saw these items I basically died. The two top items are so fricken cool! They are metallic and holographic at the same time. But they both have hints of purple, and blue in them. I find the earrings especially unique because of the gun metal accents. 

This purple tie sweater reminds me of a chic librarian. The purple color is super rich and luxurious and the rhinestone accents add an extra level or glamour to the piece. Then the velvet loafers are super chic and would be a perfect addition to any holiday look. 


Here are some more neutral gifts. The tortoise shell bracelet is perfect for a mother, aunt, or more mature women in your life. It would go with a lot of things and is super subtle. Then a cheetah handbag is a great statement piece that will still match a lot of things. 

Then this super adorable backpack is perfect for someone who likes to travel around. I could picture someone wondering around Europe with this on their back filled with maps, snacks, and of course a wallet. (I make up weird scenarios in my head I know.) Then this classic sweater is I think another great gift idea for a mom or aunt. It shows off the logo but not in an obnoxious way. 

Be sure to checkout Tory Burch's gift guide for more great gift ideas! 

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Michael Kors Holiday Wishlist

Michael Kors Wishlist

Michael Kors Holidays

My personal pick: 

Personally, I suggest the Mini Hamilton tote for a gift this Christmas! I have this bag and it is the perfect bag for a night out. It's just big enough to fit your phone, some money, and a lipstick. 

Affordable option! This Michael Kors watch is just under $200. Although still expensive, for a Michael Kors watch it is a pretty good price. Click here to see it!

Small gifts: 
This fun stacking bracelet is perfect for a small gift! Not to mention it comes in both silver, gold, and rose gold. So, you can pick your favorite metal.

These earrings are the perfect small little gift. A lot of Michael Kors earrings are great to wear with any outfit. They also come in every metal color. 

A simple necklace is a great small gift for any girl on your list. 

Big gifts: 

Who doesn't love a giant tote? This patent leather bag is also a great option.

Michael Kors has some amazing boots! These would make great gifts for Moms or Aunts!