Sunday, November 17, 2013

How to: wear blazers

How to: wear blazers 

Every girl needs a blazer in her life. At some point everyone has to go to some stuff interview and wear a blazer and a pair of slacks. 
BUT blazers can be a great piece to wear on a daily basis. 

There are many ways to make a blazer more casual or to fit your style. 
Below are three looks based on 3 styles. 
First, the edgy girl. An edgy girl could pair an oversize blazer with a pair of velvet shorts, a crop top, and a pair of tights. This combination is not only unique but gives a vampire vibe. (Maybe it's the red velvet? I don't know but it seems vampire inspired.)
Lets say you are more of a classic girl? Well, pair a blazer with a cute dress and a pair of sparkle heels. Also, add some chic accessories like a patterned watch and colorful earrings.
For the girly girl pair your blazer with a pair of colored pants and a crew neck. It makes your blazer more casual. Pair it with a cute pair of patterned sneakers and a chunky pearl necklace. By pairing your blazer with a sweatshirt it makes it more comfy and casual. 

How to: wear blazers

A plaid scarf and plaid blazer is a fun way to mix prints in the fall. 

Pair your holiday sequin top with a blazer with a pair of dark wash jeans. This makes not only a super cute party outfit but just a cute outfit to wear around! 

For some reason blazers and striped things always look good. Especially when paired with preppy accessories 

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