Sunday, November 17, 2013

Forever 21 Disney Collection

So being the disney freak that I am I was pretty excited to hear that Forever 21 has a vintage Disney collection. Actually I'm going on a Disney cruise so I am basically going to buy all of this and wear it and be a dork. 

But, in all seriousness this stuff is adorable! Here are some of my top picks which I will probably end up getting. 


So, I am completely obsessed with hats so of course I love these two beauties! The meanie is super graphic which I love. Then the baseball cap is also bold and super cute. 

This Pluto sweater may be one of the most adorable things ever. I like how the head pops out from the side of the sweater so you can only see a little bit of him. Then this fanny pack is just great and would be perfect for a Disney vacation. 

Then they have a lot of different things for this collection. 
If you want to bring out your inner child I highly suggest checking out Forever 21. Not only is the collection fun but it is super graphic and bold. 

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