Thursday, November 7, 2013

How to be preppy

How to be preppy

So you want to be preppy? Well that is understandable.

The land of monograms, J Crew, and other fancy things is the life of many.

However, I am just a girl stuck in the midwest trying to be a southern belle. {It's casual} But, that is not the point.

Here is your go to list of things you need to be the ultimate prepster.....

1. A Ralph Lauren or Vineyard Vines hat: This is a preppy girls best friend. If you are having a bad hair day just throw it on and you are good to head out the door. I basically wear a hat at least once a week because lets be honest we all have those days. 
2. Your next go to is a simple pair of pearl studs. Pearls go with basically everything.... correction they do go with everything. 
3. Every preppy girl needs something monogram. Just get something.... anything. 
4. Basically anything from J Crew is your best friend. But more specifically you need a puffy vest from them. They are perfect to layer with on a chilly fall day.
5. Speaking of J Crew, a statement necklace is a must have. Even if it is a J Crew inspired bubble or rosette necklace these chunky pieces are a go-to piece for any prepster. I know speaking from personal experience. {I have a small necklace obsession. By small of course I mean out of control.}
6. A crisp button down is also always a great piece to have. They go with so many things and can be casual or dressy.
7. There are a few must have shoes that need to be included in any preppy girls collection. Hunters, Kate Spade Keds, and ballet flats are a must. Also, every girl has to have a pair of Sperry's.
8.  Anything Lilly Pulitzer is needed. However, that takes money. So opt out for a Lilly planner that you can carry around campus or school.
9. Another go-to brand is Kate Spade. Getting a cute mug with a saying is never a bad thing either :)
10. The last thing you need is some cute arm candy. A Kate Spade bangle is always a good option. Stack them up on your wrist to complete the perfect preppy outfit!

My preppy outfits: 

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