Thursday, November 28, 2013

Holiday Collections: Tory Burch

As I look through various designers holiday collections for 2013, I can't help but notice the glamour and sparkle across the board. One of my favorite collections is Tory Burch's Holiday 2013. It is full of sophisticated pieces with touches of lace and sparkle. 

Through this collection it shows how sophisticated sequins can be! I love the contrast between the dark black pieces along with the pastel fabrics and colors. Also, the bead work on all of the pieces is chic and sophisticated 

Tory Burch Holiday Collection

Tory Burch Holiday Collection

I'm basically obsessed with all of these pastel pieces. I wish I could live in pastels but obviously thats not always realistic. But, these pieces are beautiful and perfect for any holiday party this winter. 

An embellished top is a great substitute if your not feeling a dress when your holiday party rolls around. I'm hoping I can find a dupe for this somewhere during the holiday shopping season! 

Here are my top pics from the Tory Burch collection. If I could pick any dress for a holiday party it would for sure be this gorgeous blush pink number. I can picture someone chic sipping on wine and wearing this dress and a classy bar. But, that is just a fantasy but a girl can dream right? 

Then who can pass up a chic sweatshirt and pleated skirt? This look will be re-created at some point don't you worry. 

The black sequin top is a perfect pair for this pencil skirt. I love the ruffle detail on the bottom of the skirt. It makes a normal pencil skirt a little more special.   

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