Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Camping Chic

I always think how cool it would be to go camping. Sitting in a teepee with twinkling lights or something. 
Then I remember that I hate the outdoors. But, if I were to go camping of course it would be as chic as possible.

If I were to go "glamping" (anyone catch that Project Runway reference?) these are some things that I would wear.

The outfit on the right is a cozy look perfect for just chilling out. A chunky sweater paired with a pair of dark wash jeans is the ultimate cozy outfit. Pair the look with an infinite scarf and boots are you are good to go.

But, lets say you are going to have a romantic dinner around a fire. {Unrealistic I know but we will go with it.} I would wear a super cute flannel along with a military inspired skirt. Ankle booties are a great option for not only comfort but style. Finishing the look I would wear a chunky statement necklace.

Makeup would for sure include a metallic nail polish and a red lip. 

Camping Chic

So this is my ideal scenario of a chic camping trip. Let's be honest who doesn't want to be Sarah? Of course I don't live the fabulous life that she does but I can't help but want to mimic her cozy style. 

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