Monday, April 6, 2020

Disney+ Favorites

Looking for something to watch while in quarantine? Well, here are some of my Disney+ favorites! From movies, shows, too documentaries hopefully this gives you some ideas of things to watch during this crazy time. 

HIGH SCHOOL THE MUSICAL THE SERIES | This Disney+ original is a must, especially if you grew up with the HSM franchise. New characters and new songs, it's a win-win.

SLEEPING BEAUTY | One of my favorite Disney princess movies. The three good fairies are iconic! A classic that is worth re-watching.

THE THREE CABALLEROS | Another favorite of mine that is severely underrated, The Three Caballeros. If you've been on the ride at Epcot but haven't seen the movie don't sleep on it!

TANGLED | Another great princess movie that is super relevant at the moment. I've watched it a few times recently. One of my go-to feel good movies.

MONSTERS INC | A personal favorite of mine, also kind of relevant right now. You could argue Boo and kids is the Monsters version of COVID... Deep thoughts brought to you by Miranda.

MONSTERS UNIVERSITY | Monsters Inc marathon anyone? Pair this with the original movie for a fun marathon idea!

THE IMAGINEERING STORY | If a documentary is more your speed you need to watch the Imagineering Story. I cried multiple times, and gives you an in depth look at the parks.

WAKING SLEEPING BEAUTY | I feel like this documentary is underrated on Disney+! This is a great film about how they make Disney films at the animation studios. For sure a great watch!

ZENON | My childhood in a movie is Zenon. The best part is there are multiple movies so it makes for the perfect binging opportunity.

ALLEY CATS STRIKE | Legit my favorite Disney Channel Original movie. SO underrated and is a much watch, in my opinion.

LIZZIE MCGUIRE | Whether you watch the series or the movie you can't go wrong!

MOTORCROSSED | A solid Disney Channel Original movie and a great option if you are forcing your boyfriend or someone to watch with you. My brother and I used to love this movie when we were younger! Still love it today btw.

DOUBLE TEAMED | If you're missing sports check out this basketball theme Disney Channel Original movie.

BEDKNOBS AND BROOMSTICKS | Most people don't know this movie but I grew up with it! Think Mary Poppins style, half live action half animated, but during WWII. It's a great movie and has some solid music.

What are your Disney+ recommendations? Let me know in the comments! 

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