Thursday, November 7, 2013

Favorite Mascaras

Everyone has those favorite beauty products that they live by. 
Well, here are my top mascaras of all time. All of these products I have used religiously and till there is nothing left! 

Mascara is one of my favorite things because my lashes are one of my favorite features. 

I would recommend any of these amazing products to any of my friends so I want to share them with you! 

Tip: Buy drugstore mascara! 
Drugstore makeup is your friend! You don't need to spend $30 on a tube of mascara. Drugstore mascaras are some of my favorites so be sure to explore all of your options. And hey might as well because the prices can be pretty sweet! 

Tip: Use multiple products!
Apply multiple coats and different types of mascara! I hardly ever just wear one type of mascara. There is a system and a process you have to learn to get your ideal mascara combination! 

Just keep trying different combinations till you find your ideal lashes.

Favorite Mascaras

$19 -

The colossal cat eye volume mascara is a great product. It has a tiny brush so it is great for lower lashes as well as upper. The brush lets you get super close to the lash line for easy application. 
$27 -

At first I had unsure opinions of the rocket mascara. However, it has for sure grown on me. This is a great mascara to layer with other mascaras.

Mary Kay makes amazing quality products. So, if your eyes are more sensitive to makeup I HIGHLY recommend their mascara.

Both of these Rimmel mascaras work perfectly together! They are the perfect pair and are pretty reasonably priced! 

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