Saturday, November 9, 2013

Sweater Weather

Sweater Weather: 

Sweater Weather

Being preppy in the winter is always fun. Add a bit of prep in your step by adding a fun and playful sweater. Wearing sweaters with rhinestone

Preppy Sweaters:
Dear sweater: Madewell
Grey embellished sweater: J Crew
Camel sweater: J Crew
Heart sweater: Wildfox

Printed, distressed, and oversized sweaters are perfect for an edgy girl. Graphic sweaters are also your best friends during the winter season. They add a great pop of personality to a chilly day.

Edgy Sweaters:
New York: Wildfox
Skelton sweater: Topshop
Cheetah print: Topshop
Maroon: Forever 21

Girly touches like fun patterns and bright colors are a great way to add a feminine touch. Also, who can't deny a cute bunny with nerd glasses?

Girly Sweaters:
Grey and black: Forever 21
Lips: Forever 21
Bunny sweater: Miss Rebel
Floral: Monsoon 

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