Monday, November 25, 2013

Kate Spade Holiday Wishlist

Kate Spade Holiday Wishlist 

Kate Spade Holiday Wishlist

The fact that I want everything from the Kate Spade holiday collection is a little bit of a problem. But, I tried to narrow it down to a relatively small list of items. The small wallet that says Naughty and Nice is just too adorable for words! Along with the dancing leg phone case.... I just can't.

Kate Spade's holiday collection is full of sparkle, whimsy, and holiday spirit. I love the mix of gold, silver, and rosegold throughout the whole collection. Not to mention the abundance of witty sayings across bags, phone cases, and even t-shirts. 

{True that! It is the glitter things that count.}

Here are my top pics from the collection that I would want as gifts {hint hint ;). Just kidding you don't have to give me anything. But, I mean if you really want to you do you.} 

First is this adorable beanie! I am obsessed with beanies since I have been at college and you have to walk in the freezing cold. They aren't only fun but functional as well. Then this phone case is super adorable and very into the christmas spirit. I have had really good luck with Kate Spade phone cases so I highly suggest giving one as a gift. 

This sequin dress is the ultimate christmas or new years eve party dress. It is sassy and fun but it's not overly sexy (Which I think is good). Then this bangle is the perfect pairing for your new years eve ensemble. I love these idiom bangles from Kate Spade and I think they would be a cute and clever gift. 


The last two items are super fun! First off can we just look at this t-shirt? Basically my life summed up. But, if you have a casual fashionista this would be a great comfy gift to give them! Then for the cat lover in your life this phone case is perfect. 

So moral of the story is that Kate Spade is perfect in every single way. But, to get any of these fabulous gifts check out Kate Spade's website!

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