Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Instagram Recap

Instagram Recap
A month of Instagram: 
Here are some of my favorite posts from my Instagram this month! 

1. The first picture features a new purchase in the month of February. I am obsessed with this triangle pattern on this J Crew sweatshirt. For my accessories I layered two fun and edgy necklaces.  
2. This picture is a collection of accessories I sported towards the end of the month. I am loving my houndstooth J Crew baseball cap. It's perfect for winter or the fall. 
3. I love sweaters with fun sayings. This one is totes amaze! 
4. I was super happy to see my mom during our Pi Phi mom's weekend! It was a great break from dorm life and it was nice to visit with her :) 
5. My best friend and I out on a Thursday night. Crazy I know. 
6. This picture features my favorite J Crew piece of all time. Plus fun little anchors on my sweater from Old Navy. 
7. This is the full OOTD from the last picture. Anything nautical I am loving recently. 
8. Again, this is the full OOTD of the the first picture. I wore practically head to toe J Crew that day and I was loving it. 
9. A new addition to my closet a fun pink Kate Spade bag! 


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