Thursday, March 6, 2014

Oscar Fashion 2014

Oscar Fashion 2014

{The infamous Oscar selfie! Got to love Ellen!}

{My favorite moment was when two of my favorite people came on stage! How cute are they? I can't get over it. Also, her dress was gorgeous on top of it all.}

{STOP they are so cute! I'm dying.}

My favorite looks: 

Jennifer Gardner's dress was FOR SURE one of my favorites if not my favorite. For some reason I loved how their was a fringe detail and how it sparkled on stage. It is kind of Gatsby chic which is totally my style. If I were to go to an award show I would for sure want this dress. 

Anna Kendrick's dress was super unique I thought. I like the cut outs, the slit, and the red accent beading. Overall I really liked her whole look. It was very sophisticated but still sexy. 


Lupita seems to be all the rage from the Oscar's. Not only has she made a splash everywhere but also her dress has! It is a gorgeous Prada blue gown and it is perfect. I like how it popped against the red carpet as well as how it flowed when she walked. 

Anne Hathaway looked gorgeous in her black dress! I like the added sparkle details to it. And in my opinion Anne Hathaway always looks perfect. 

Vanity Fair After Party: 



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