Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Dr. Miranda: Surviving College Part 1

Tips for surviving college: 
College is a super fun and exciting time. However, things can get overwhelming fast. Whether it is clubs, sorority, classes, or friendships college is always throwing you a curve ball. I may have only been in college for a little over a semester. But, I have been through a lot and also learned a lot. I am giving you my inside tips and tricks to surviving college. Not to mention I will tell you my college essentials that every college girl needs. 

How to survive college part one: what you will need
There are a few things that you will need to help you survive your time through college. 
  1. A vest: Every girl needs some type of vest. Whether it be a $30 one from Old Navy or a J Crew excursion vest, these come super in handy. Not only are they cute but they are great for layering. If you don't need a coat throw on a sweatshirt or sweater and layer on a vest. This will keep you warm without you dying of heat. 
  2. An infinity scarf: Scarves in general will be your best friend. If you plan on going somewhere cold it is imperative that you wear scarfs! This will prevent you from being freezing while walking to classes. When I wouldn't wear a scarf I would be extra cold while going to class. So be sure to bring a lot of cute scarfs to wear around campus. Also, in general they are a great accessory. 
  3. Fun sneakers: I know working out doesn't always seem appealing. You get lazy and tired and just unmotivated. However, with a fun pair of tennis shoes you may be more likely to work out (maybe results are NOT guaranteed). Having a fun pair of shoes for the gym makes working out a little more fun. 
  4. Colorful felt tip pens: These pens are super great for note taking and organizing your planner. I am huge in color coding so naturally these are my best friend. You can pick a color for each subject in your planner or designate colors for vocab and other topics in your notes. In general these will save you and keep you organized! 
  5. Yoga pants or leggings: I am not the biggest fan of yoga pants. However, I have found myself wearing them more and more as college goes on. I mainly wear them to the gym. If you join a sorority you will have a variety of different events like lip sync, varieties, or whatever your individual campus does. Yoga pants are great for these practices because they keep you covered and you won't trip on them! (If I wear sweatpants I will trip because I am just a shorty.) 
  6. Concealer: When I get stressed I break out. So, basically that is all the time in college. Concealer will be your best friend when a random break out surprises you in the morning. 
  7. Post-it notes: Post it notes are great reminders. Whether it is a to-do list or a reminder you can stick them in your planner, on your desk, or around your room. These will keep you on the ball and help you remember things. Often times I find myself forgetting little things if I don't write them down. 
  8. A backpack: I know. Sometimes backpacks can be dorky. BUT I warn you now, you will probably die without a backpack. I find myself lugging not only a laptop but books and other materials on a daily basis. Without my backpack I honestly don't know how I would carry all of my things to class. Try and find a backpack that has a laptop sleeve and has a cute pattern or color. 
  9. Rain boots: I repeat YOU NEED rain boots. Any rain boots are better then no rain boots trust me! My campus gets a lot of rain so my rain boots have come super in handy. Whether you get Hunters or another brand rain boots are a great investment. 
  10. Planner: This may be one of the most important college essentials. A planner is your key to success. Get in the habit of writing everything and everything down. You will be surprised how busy you get and how easy it is to forget things. Having a planner will keep you on to top of everything from tests, clubs, and homework. 
  11. Highlighters: Highlighters are a great essential to have. They will help you with your notes or organizing your planner. I tend to highlight basically everything so these are super important for me. They are just one more way to stay organized. 

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