Friday, May 16, 2014

5 Quick Finals Study Breaks

Finals are the worst time of the year. Your knowledge is tested and you are scrambling to make notecards, finish final projects, and write huge essays. All your classes are dying down, you have to say goodbye to your friends, and there are no parties going on (at least at my school...). So, how can you tackle your finals week without loosing any hair or any sanity? Well, it is hard not to do both but here are some of my favorite study breaks that you should try during your finals week! 

1. Watch a Youtube video! I may be a Sarahbelle addict, but a Youtube video is a great way to take a quick 3 min break. You can either watch a music video of your favorite artist, watch a movie trailer for a new release you are dying to see, or watch a good old beauty guru video. Simply watch 1-3 videos for a quick roughly 10 min break. [I don't suggest watching Jenna Marbles for your breaks because they are too addicting and you will most likely watch all of them in one sitting.]

2. Take a food break. My head is always on food and when I'm hungry I cannot focus! So grab some lunch or dinner at the dinning center for a quick brain break. Not to mention you have to re-fuel. Or grab some food with some friends. During finals this year my big and I went to a sit down restaurant with some friends and it was a great break from the books. And the mexican food was so tasty! 

3. Take a nap (A short one!). Sometimes you do need a quick cat nap. Just make sure this "nap" isn't a three hour one. Set multiple alarms to assure you wake up. Or have a friend check up on you to make sure you are awake. 

4. Go workout. Working out is a great break and stress reliever. Hit the gym for a hour work out to take a break from staring at a computer or textbook. Also, if you make flash cards for a class bring them with. You may look silly but biking and studying is not to complicated. 

5. Call a friend. If you are feeling stressed and just need to chat with someone, call a friend who goes to another school. Catching up will not only give you a break but it will make you feel better.

Good luck on your finals! 

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