Sunday, May 18, 2014

Summer Staples

~Summer Essentials~
Summer is right around the corner, or you are already on summer break! So, what are the thinks I can't live without in the summertime? 
  • Statement necklace: The question is when isn't a statement necklace a must have piece for me? However, in the summer there are super fun and bold necklaces you can wear to spice up your outfit. The brighter the better! J Crew necklaces are a specific must have for me. They are both colorful and fun but also are great quality. To find a cheap J Crew necklace I suggest finding a J Crew outlet! 
  • Laptop: My laptop is another thing I cannot live without. Every girl has those summer nights when all they want to do is watch Netflix all day! Also, I have to keep up with all of my social media sites of course. But, another reason this is my must have is I will be taking both economics and a math course over the summer online. So, obviously I need my trusty laptop to complete my courses! 
  • McDonalds Diet Coke: Diet Coke is basically my life. Nothing hits the spot like an ice cold McDonalds Diet Coke on a hot summer day. 
  • Denim shirt: A denim shirt is a great layering piece when it gets chilly at night. Or if it is a colder summer day simply pair it with a pair of fun bright colored jeans or shorts. 
  • Powder: No one likes a shiny face during the summer time. My Maybelline powder will be my best friend this summer as I take on the hot Chicago heat. 
  • Kate Spade phone case: A fun phone case is one of my favorite accessories! Some of my favorites are all from Kate Spade of course. 
  • Alex and Ani bangle: These bangles are perfect for stacking in the summer time. Pair them with your fun "friendship" style bracelets for a fun eclectic look.  
  • High waisted shorts: My go-to shorts in the summer are almost all high waisted. American Eagle's festival short is my favorite denim pair! 
  • Kate Spade tote: I have two Kate Spade totes, one small and one larger, and they are my go-to bags in the summer. They are great for keeping all of your essentials in. Also, they are big enough to put a light jacket in incase you get cold white dinning or shopping! (I always get cold in air-conditioned places! Am I the only one?)
  • Sperrys: Sperry Topsiders are the perfect summer shoe. They are comfortable to walk in all day but are still super stylish and cute. 
  • Baby lips: Chapped lips is a huge no no. I rely on Baby Lips to keep my nice and soft. Also, they have fun tinted shades that will give your lips a dash of color. 
  • Jack Rogers: I'm hoping to get a pair of Jack Rogers for my birthday! The gold ones will go with everything I wear. Not to mention they are adorably cute and very preppy. 
  • Body spritz: I am not a big perfume person so I usually turn to a easy body mist to keep myself smelling yummy in the summer time! 
  • Bronzer: I am not the tannest person in the world. But, I use Estee Lauder bronzer to keep my skin looking tan and golden. 
~Happy Summer~
XOXO Miranda 

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