Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Beauty Bar: Maleficent Inspired Look

First, I would like to welcome you to a new series of mine called Beauty Bar! Every wednesday I will be posting a new beauty feature. It can range from hair and makeup looks to my favorite products! I thought I would incorporate more beauty related posts to my blog to mix it up once a week. If you have any requests for looks you want me to re-create/ other post ideas email me at 
Thanks and enjoy <3 

A dark beauty look..... 
Teen Vogue has a contest going on (still a few days left to enter!) to create a makeup look inspired by Maleficent the new Disney movie that comes out in a few days (aka May 30th). For my look I decided to go very dramatic but still wearable. What to get this dark and evil look? Well, here are the steps!

1. Apply your normal foundation routine. This includes both your foundation and powder for me. Your next step is to apply a dark blush. Make it pretty bold to frame your face and give it color. Maleficent is generally fair skinned so skip the bronzer for this look! 
2. Next it is time for the eyes. I first applied a creme shadow so that the colors will show up better on my lids. The same effect can be given if you use an eye primer. Next I took a white shimmery shade and put it in the inner corner of my eye. Following that I took two shades of green and layered them on the outer part of my lid. I blended them together to get a dark green color. For the crease I took a dark black color then blended it with a blending brush. 
3. For eyeliner create a small wing with a liquid eyeliner pen. Keep your line thin up until the outer part of your eye. Then create a thicker line for the cat eye. To finish the eyes apply your favorite mascara generously. 
4. The last step in this evil look is to apply a dark maroon or red lipstick. This will give the finishing touch the look needs! 

 Look out for an upcoming Beauty Bar post on how to get this teased bun look! 

{The completed look!}

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