Saturday, June 21, 2014

Summer Movie Reviews!

Neighbors- I saw Neighbors pretty recently after it was released. It was pretty funny I do have to admit. And lets be honest, Zac Efron. Enough said. Zac Efron. But, it did get a little repetitive at times. It seemed like the plot kept repeating itself over and over again. Don't get me wrong the movie had really funny parts. However, after a while it did a little old. My rating for this movie was a 3 out 5 because it is still a really funny movie and has a good cast!

Maleficent- This may be one of my favorite summer movies so far! I am OBSESSED with this movie! I saw it twice.... if that tells you anything. I love how they tie the movie in with the original Disney cartoon (which is one of my favorites). It is a tad bit dark but nothing I couldn't handle (Which says a lot I should say. I am kind of a wimp with that stuff.). Overall, I would HIGHLY suggest seeing this movie! It is a great flick and I can't resist a good Disney movie. 

The Fault in Our Stars- Everyone and anyone has been talking about this movie. I have done a few posts centered around the book/ movie because I am obsessed! I will say the book is WAY better then the movie. But the movie provokes emotion, is fun, and is well directed. Also, I love the cast, Ansel Algort is perfection! So this movie is a for sure a go-see if you ask me. 

22 Jump Street- This may be one of the funniest movies EVER. I think it is almost funnier then the original and I love 21 Jump Street. It is super funny and very very similar to the original movie, but in the best way possible. I love the twist they play on the college scene because some of it is actually pretty accurate. Although I will say I wouldn't suggest bringing younger children to this movie. You may be thinking why would I suggest this? Well, I went to see this movie with another friend and in the theater there were about 5 small children at least under 8 years old..... So, leave your siblings, children, kids you babysit at home! (Hopefully that is a no brainer but I just wanted to warn you :) ) 

So go out and enjoy a summer movie! 

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