Monday, June 16, 2014

Sunglass Strap Addict

The perfect summer accessory

A while back my bestie sent me a pair of Lilly Pulitzer sunglass straps or croakies. Ever since then I became obsessed with them! They are really the perfect summer accessory. Not only are they fashionable but they are practical. In case you don't know, croakies basically keep your sunglasses around your neck when you aren't wearing them. These are great if you are constantly taking your sunglasses on and off. I wear these basically every time I leave the house. Pair them with an aviator sunglasses for the perfect summer look.

Sunglass straps are perfect for anyone! They have great styles for a guy in your life (possible fathers day gift?) or for yourself. I love this American flag sunglass strap for a guy. It's super patriotic and great for the summer, not to mention Fourth of July! Then for girls I love the Lilly Pulitzer croakies. They are bright, colorful, and super fun for any summer day. The Vineyard Vines croakies pictured are great for any girl or guy. They come in a bunch of colors and are a great classic sunglass strap to have. 

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