Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Why every girl deserves Augustus Waters

1. He's adorable. No one can deny that Augustus Waters may be one of the most adorable literary characters ever. To me he is the dream guy for every girl. I mean he is tall, handsome but still cute, and is super relaxed but cleans up nice. So in other words he's perfection. 

2. He would do anything for Hazel. I can't begin to explain what Augustus would do for Hazel. I mean I can barely get a guy to text me back let alone take me on a picnic, to Amsterdam, etc. Can't more guys be like him? (oh wait its a book....) 

3. He looked at her the way every guy should look at a girl. Going along with my point in #2, Augustus is unlike any other guy. I don't know about you all, but the way Augustus looks at Hazel is priceless. I'm lucky if I get a glance it seems! But he looked at her with love in his eyes. Gosh they are to darn cute. 

4. Small but grand romantic gestures were his specialty. I mean, I wouldn't mind anything that Augustus does to happen to me.... I mean I don't want to ruin the book/ movie but there are some great ideas for guys. Boys take notes (by that I mean a lot of notes). 

5. He says the right compliments, and actually means them. As a girl I'm sure you have gotten some compliment that had some weird hidden agenda behind it. Maybe not maybe you meet all nice guys, if thats you girl teach me your ways. But, Augusts says the sweetest compliments to Hazel but you can tell he is sincere about it. Every girl deserves a nice compliment once in a while, or all the time whatever works really. 

Essentially Augustus Waters is perfect and I wish there were a million of him so every girl could have one. But, he isn't even real. Gosh sometimes I hate John Green. (But I don't because he wrote an amazing book) 

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