Friday, August 8, 2014

Back to College: Basics You Need to Bring

Welcome back to my back to school series on Sew Cute Style! Today, I am talking about packing for college. This is one daunting task. But, there are some things that you for sure need to bring. These are classic pieces that you will need in your wardrobe as a college student. No matter you major or interest these things are must haves! 

  1. A nice pair of jeans. This is kind of a no brainer but every college girl needs a nice pair of jeans. And by nice I mean one solid wash, no rips or tares, and a classic straight leg. This way you can match anything that you might need to wear. Some clubs may have you represent them by wearing a t-shirt or polo. The last thing you want to do is wear ripped crazy jeans while being in a kind of professional setting. In other words, get one nice pair of jeans! These jeans will take you far. 
  2. Tall boots. I found myself wearing so many boots while I was at school. In high school you can kind of wear whatever shoes because you are inside 99% of the day. However, once you get to college you are in and out of buildings and walking a lot. So, bring at least one pair of neutral tall boots. You can wear them with dresses, skirts, or pants so they are a great staple to have. 
  3. Button down shirt. Even if you think you aren't going to need one, still bring it. You never know if you will need to look good for an interview or a job fair. Pack one simple white button down oxford to be safe. I mean I wear them on a daily basis but I know most people don't. But, this shirt will come in handy if you are trying to land an internship or a job. 
  4. Ballet flats. Also a great thing to have is ballet flats. Sometimes you just don't want to wear heels. I get it they can be painful. However sometimes you do need nice or professional shoes. Ballet flats are a great alternative to heels. Not to mention they take up less room to store then heels. 
  5. Running shorts. Running shorts are great for working out or if you are literally running to class. Either way they are very useful to have. If you find yourself running late for class throw them on with a t-shirt and sneakers and all is forgiven. Or you could wear them to the gym like most people. (That is if you have time to or use the gym.....) 
  6. A professional skirt. Bring at least one skirt that is professional. Sure you need fun flirty skirts for going out but if you actually need to get down to business you can't wear those. Find a classic pencil skirt that you can match with a blazer and nice top you may already own. This way you have a go-to look in case of an interview. 
  7. Simple cardigan. A simple cardigan is a great piece to have. You can simply throw it on over any look and it will match. Some classrooms can be super cold so I suggest carrying it around with you. 
  8. Sneakers. Bring sneakers! Even if you think you won't work out or whatever they are an important thing to have. Wether you are walking to class, working out, or doing community service gym shoes are a must have to bring to college. 

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