Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Follow Me Around: Smokey Mountains

Smokey Mountains 
Here are some pictures from my awesome trip to Tennessee and the Smokey Mountains. I also visited a friend in Knoxville so some of these shots are from there. I fully embraced the southern lifestyle while I was there. I could honestly see myself living there in the future! Who doesn't love sweet tea, slow pace lifestyle, and biscuits? (The trip made me question why I didn't go to school in the south!)

Some shots of Market Square in Knoxville. It was full of cute little restaurants and boutiques. Adorable is an understatement! The city was super cool because it was very souther and preppy but also very eclectic and boho. In other words it was a very cool place!

Here are some views from our super cool cabin we had for a few days. I have never seen such a beautiful view. These mountains are gorgeous. However, driving up the hills to get to our cabin was a bit of a nail bitter. 

My lovely family and I in front of the Smokey Mountain sign. We love a good tourist picture. 

A trip wouldn't be complete without a "throw up what you know up" picture right? I will say this one is an amazing view so I think its acceptable. 

I also sported this new Fraternity Collection tank for the first time on my trip. I am in love with it! Its super cute but oh so comfortable. 


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