Friday, August 29, 2014

Bid Day 2014

Bid Day 2014!

The main reason I have been MIA is for formal recruitment! Formal recruitment was such a great experience to go through again. It was great to talk to so many unique girls and I am so happy with the new Pi Beta Phi's that we have added to our chapter. 

Our bid day tanks were Up theme. So we put a picture of our house with balloons in bright neon colors. I was OBSESSED with them! I love them because they are super unique to our chapter and to our individual house. We also wore super cute hair bows for a fun accessory. 

This is a picture of my little angel Audrey and I. I was so excited to see her become a Pi Beta Phi! 

We made mirror letters for this bid day! They were GORGEOUS and really stood out. Not to mention they add a perfect touch of sparkle. 


Here are a few more pictures from bid day. We wait for our new members on the other side of our clock tower on central campus. It is super fun because our new members run through our Campanile and it is super exciting to see all of there faces!

Are you going through recruitment? 
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