Thursday, April 30, 2015

Current Instagram Favorites

As many of you know, Instagram is my absolute favorite form of social media. I love the creative licensee it gives people. Also, I can't get off of it! I love following bloggers, friends, and other fashion icons. Here are four of my current favorite photos flashing on my feed. 

1) The upper left corner is my OOTD from Easter brunch. I loved this look! I haven't worn this dress in forever and I forgot how cute it is. Normally drop waist dresses aren't the best for my body shape but this dress really works for me. 
2) Half of these pictures feature my new Blair Waldorf KJP bow bracelet. What can I say, I am genuinely obsessed with KJP! Their accessories fit in perfectly with my style and who doesn't love a great bracelet. This was from a recent OOTD which I wore an adorable Kate Spade Saturday shift dress. 
3) Again, another OOTD picture featuring these gorgeous purple flowers I found on campus plus my KJP bow bracelet! 
4) The Fashion Show for Iowa State was a few weekends ago and it was such a blast. Check out this post to hear more about it and how I was involved. Also, I got this awesome romper at Akira and it was perfect for the event! 

What are your favorite Instagram posts of the moment? Leave a link to them in the comments!