Friday, May 19, 2017

College Diaries: This is the end

This is the end.... 

4 years, 8 semesters, over 141 credits, two majors, Trend Editor in Chief, Fashion Show Director, BHG Meredith Apprentice, Pi Beta Phi sister, and much much more. Iowa State the past four years have been some I will never forget. From eating meal bundles in Maple with my freshman dorm friends, to hitting the bars with some of my sorority sisters, my big being the best big ever, studying abroad with some amazing people I will never forget, Mariah from Chambery and Champagne and I bonding over our love of fashion, and my best guy friend forcing me to have fun. I have had so many great memories at Iowa State. 

Sometimes it is easy to focus on what went wrong, always being tired, taking to many credits and so on. My time in college wasn't easy. From friends not acting like real friends to girls just being mean I didn't breeze through college. People always said that college got better, but it felt like people became meaner as the years went by. Sometimes I got so caught up in what other people were doing and how they were treating me that it made be go crazy. Then by junior year I realized something... it doesn't matter what other people think, and real friends will stick by you no matter what. I realized it wasn't worth being upset over people and things that just didn't matter. From then on I was happier, had better friends, and was achieving more academic success then ever before. The minute I stopped worrying about other people I did better in school, felt better about myself, and achieved some of the goals I set for myself as a freshman in college. In the end, I became Trend Co-Editor in Chief, interned at Better Homes & Gardens, became a Director for The Fashion Show, and graduated cum lade with two majors. Almost everything I set out to do I accomplished in my four years. 

It's crazy to think that it is all over. Truly it hasn't set in because I had finals up until the last minute of graduation. So, I haven't really sat down and realized that I'm officially done with college. Just when you think high school flew by, college goes by faster. The past four years have been some I will always remember. From Greek Week to Homecoming, to being published in Better Homes & Gardens, to being initiated into Pi Beta Phi there are so many amazing memories attached to Iowa State for me. Although it is sad to leave Iowa State, I am ready to take on my next adventure in Chicago. I'm not sure where my adventure will take me, but I am excited to see where it goes, and to get some much needed sleep, it's not goodbye Iowa State, it is see you later!

I'll be doing a few more "college" related posts with tips and tricks to surviving your four years this summer! Be on the lookout for those and much more from Sew Cute Style! 

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