Friday, May 12, 2017

Dose of Disney: Disney in March, review and what you need to know!

Today I'm talking about Disney in March, aka Spring Break season. We'd never gone to Disney for Spring Break before. Usually we take our family trip during the first week in January. We thought that was busy. That was child's play compared to March. It was insanity! So, I wanted to give a few tips and go through what it's like to go during Spring Break time. Luckily, I'm graduating so I won't have to worry about the constricting schedule of going to school. This means I'll never have to go in March again. But, in case you are still in school or are planning a trip around your child's schedule, here are some of my insights on Disney in March..... 

Crowds | During spring break the crowds were unbearable! Almost everyday was a madhouse. Not to mention normal spring breakers there were also many events going on like a cheerleading competition, music days, and more. We found that going, at our usual time, during the first week in January right after Christmas was less crowded! 

Wait times | Wait times all depended on what time you get to the parks. I highly suggest going at park opening and for early magic hours. When we arrived for early magic hours we were able to get a lot done before the big crowds. Also, arriving at opening is always a good idea. You can get in a ton of rides before everyone strolls in at 10am. After about 10 or 11am wait times were already pretty long. Big rides like Space Mountain and Mine Train were at 90mins. So, be sure to get your fast passes as well, and get them for earlier in the morning. Also, keep checking back for new fast passes throughout the day. Even if you can get fast passes for smaller rides it is still worth it.

Character lines | Meet and greets for characters weren't to bad of a wait. We always get the fasts for the Character spot in Epcot which goes by super quickly! I'd say they averaged from 15-35 min depending on the character and when you stepped into the line. 

Flower & Garden | Flower & Garden Festival was one of my favorite parts of the trip! Be on the lookout for a more extensive Flower & Garden review. During my spring break it was the second week of the festival so it was pretty crazy, but we couldn't tell if it was crazy for the festival or for spring break. None the less it was crazy. But, there were so many great food stands, topiaries, and other fun things going on for the festival. So, for that reason I would for sure recommend it! 

Weather | Naturally, the one week we went in March it was freezing. Okay not freezing, but cold for Florida. It was in the mid to high 50s during the day and would get down into the 40s at night. Some days were cloudy so we didn't even have the sun to keep us warm. Keep track of the weather before you go! We made the mistake in January once and didn't bring any warm clothing. I'd say pack a pair of jeans, leggings, and sweatshirts and jackets to be safe. Even if it is warm it can get chilly at night! I would pack a pair of leggings and a sweatshirt in my backpack to put on at night. This was super helpful, especially if you plan on staying for fireworks and night shows. 

Have you gone to Disney in March? I want to hear your experience! Let me know in the comments! 

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