Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Dose of Disney: Danielle Nicole Handbag Review

Disney Danielle Nicole handbags have been my current favorite recently. She has so many adorable designs perfect for the Disney lover in you! I wanted to do a quick review on my current Danielle Nicole handbag, this oh-sew adorable Seven Dwarf bag.

This bag is perfect for in and out of the parks. With its circle shape I wasn't sure how much it would fit, but it is super roomy. I fit my wallet, a small digital camera, lip balm, sunglasses case, and other small essentials all in this little bag. I'm also a huge fan of its crossbody design. I wore this bag across my body over my backpack in the parks. This worked out perfectly because I had things at easy access such as my camera and sunglass case that I was taking in and out often. It also let me keep my more valuable items at closer reach.

As for the design, it really can't be beat. It has metallic gunmetal silver faux leather on the strap and the back of the bag. While the front has the Seven Dwarfs, my favorite guys, and a GLITTER background! This glitter background is what made me love this bag. It is so dreamy and fun for the parks. Then to top it off there is a cute moveable mining pick you can turn and move like a little clock. 

The amount of compliments I got on this bag was ridiculous! It's super cute and makes you stand out in the parks. I picked it up on Hot Topic's website, but it is available on Danielle Nicole's website and Box Lunch. Right now the glitter background option doesn't seem to be available. But, the bag available now is very similar to this original style. This bag sold out so quickly! So if you see it I would purchase right away if you are set on it. Box Lunch and Hot Topic usually have a deal with a certain percentage off all items online so look out for that as well. 

Have any questions about Danielle Nicole handbags? Let me know in the comments! I recently purchased the Beauty and the Beast rose bag and the Cogsworth makeup bag so be sure to look out for those items in future posts! 


  1. Omg! This bag is so cute!! I really love how unique the design is! :)

    xo, Chloe //

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