Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Dose of Disney: How to get Disney Japan goods in the U.S.

I'm obsessed with Tokyo Disneyland merch, and Asian Disney merch in general. I've always been fascinated with the Japan pavilion in Epcot because I love Japanese culture. So, naturally watching Tokyo Disneyland vlogs on Youtube I have become slightly obsessed with the park, and all of the amazing merchandise you can get there. And when I say slightly I mean insanely obsessed, of course. Unfortunately, I am in no position to take a trip to Tokyo Disneyland or to Harajuku to visit the Disney Store Japan anytime soon. 

But, I have discovered Instagram accounts that will be personal shoppers for you in Japan and even Shanghai! These personal shoppers pick up merchandise for you and ship it to the U.S., or wherever you are in the world. 

My go-to shopper is Ballpens and Etc. (@ballpensandetc) on Instagram. I have now ordered from her two times and I have had such a great experience shopping with her. She speaks great English, which is awesome, because it is so easy to communicate with her and ask questions. She has a great system of ordering your products, and her shipping is usually only around $14 to ship to the U.S.. It does depend on what you purchase, but my first order everything was pretty small and everything shipped with tracking for $14, which is pretty affordable for international shipping. 

Not to mention, she has a great team of people working with her! They send you a photo of all of your items before they pack it up and ship it. Plus, she keeps you well updated with your order status. Basically she sends you a picture of your order, you check it over to make sure everything is there, then she sends you an invoice. You pay her through PayPal, which is super simple to use. Then she ships out your order! 

Both of my orders shipped fairly quickly to the U.S. (Chicago area to be exact). The first one took about a week 1/2 but the second one was super quick! I think it all depends on when it goes out and when the next plane is heading to the U.S. from Japan's shipping site. Shipping is so hard to understand, (like how a package gets all the way from Japan to the U.S.....) but both packages came pretty quickly considering the circumstances! I recommend getting the tracked shipping for the extra cost. It really helps you know when to expect your package, obviously. When they drop off the package you have to sign for it, at least the one with tracking, so it is a lot easier knowing when the package will arrive so you can properly sign for it! 

In my past orders I have gotten a wide variety of Disney merchandise! From actual items from Tokyo Disneyland to Disney Store merchandise to other Japanese stationery brands. Ballpens and Etc. is mainly a stationery shopper, but she occasional does other things as well. But, there are a TON of different personal shoppers that do pick-ups at Disney Store Japan and Tokyo Disneyland. 

Other personal shoppers: 

So, that is the main gist of ordering merchandise from a personal shopper! This is just my experience with this one personal shopper, so I can't speak for the others. But, I know other Disney Instagrammers who have purchased from these other accounts and it seems like they have also had good experiences! 

Let me know if you have questions about these personal shoppers down in the comments below! Also, let me know if you'd like to see hauls of the merchandise I have picked up from Tokyo Disneyland and my other Japanese goodies! 

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