Saturday, December 23, 2017

Sew Cute Holiday: My favorite ornaments!

On my Instagram stories I asked if you wanted to see some of my favorite Disney ornaments! I got a really great response so here they are! Most of these ornaments are from the Disney Parks from a span of many years. Our family is super into ornaments. I have bins and bins of ornaments I have been gifted over the past 22 years. Every year we pick out ornaments and exchange them, so they all have added up over the years! I love looking back at all of my ornaments and remember who gave them to me or what trip we picked them up on. 

In today's post, I'm going over my favorite Disney ornaments. This year we decided to create a whole Disney tree as a family. As of right now the tree is basically completely filled with just my mom and I's Disney ornaments! I know we are crazy, but we just love Christmas and ornaments, and of course Disney. 

First up, are some of my favorite Beauty & the Beast ornaments. Belle is one of my favorite Princesses and I loveeeee the movie Beauty and the Beast. So I have quite the little collection of Belle and BATB ornaments. I love this little Belle in her yellow dress and this enchanted rose. The enchanted rose is a Lennox ornament, which is also a huge tradition for my family. My mom loves Lennox so every year we almost always get a Lennox ornament to add to the collection. They always have the best Disney ornaments as well! 

Here are some of my favorite Lennox ornaments you can shop now! Most of them are on sale too..... 

I love this collection of hat ornaments from the Disney Parks. I have a few different characters but I love this Belle one! The best part of these little collections Disney has is that you can get all of your favorite characters, but in a cool different way!

Here are some other super cute hat ornaments..... 

Then there is the shoe collection..... aka the best collection EVER! I love these ornaments! I also have to pick up new one when I go to the parks. These three are my favorite. I love the three good fairies from Sleeping Beauty so this one was a must. Then of course I have Belle and Elsa. 

Here are some other cute shoe ornaments.... 

I danced my whole life so I love anything ballerina related! I have a few Minnie Mouse ballerina ornaments, but this one is my favorite. The best part of picking our ornaments at Disney World is that some of them can be customized. This ornament is customized with my name and the date of our trip! 

Tinkerbell plays a pretty big role in my collection as well. This one on the right is from 1999! The greatest thing about collecting all of these ornaments is that I can look back on all of our trips and memories. The Cath Kidston ornament on the left is a new addition from their recent Peter Pan collection. 

Dopey is also one of my favorite characters! I have a few Dopey ornaments, but this one is for sure the cutest! Then of course there is my Monsters Inc. Mike & Sulley ornament. Monsters Inc. is my favorite Pixar movie, and also one of my all time favorites. I think this one is just too adorable! 

Where it's from: 
Belle: Disney Parks 
Enchanted Rose: Lennox 
Belle Ears: Disney Parks 
Belle shoe: Disney Parks 
Elsa shoe: Disney Parks
Sleeping Beauty shoe: Disney Parks
Minnie ballerina: Disney Parks 
Peter Pan bauble: Cath Kidston 
Tinkerbell: Disney Parks
Dopey: Disney Parks (similar)
Monsters Inc. Ornament: Disney Parks 
Minnie in teacup: Lennox 

What are your favorite ornaments? Let me know in the comments or DM me on Instagram! 

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