Friday, December 8, 2017

Sew Cute Holiday: Guy Gift Guide

I am convinced guys are the worst to shop for. I never know what to get my boyfriend, dad, etc. for Christmas. But, this year, now that I am working for Barbour, finding gifts everyone is excited about is a little easier. For my boyfriend he has been eyeing the Barbour leather duffle bag. It's the perfect weekend travel bag that looks sleek and stylish, but functional. Then for dad's, or your significant other's dad, the Barbour wash bags are great! I find that most guys carry the same cosmetic bag for travel for years before they replace it. So, this is an easy gift that is functional you can give to either your dad, or a guy on the go! Scarfs are also a great option for an easy gift. They nice thing about Barbour scarfs are that most are unisex, so they make great gifts for anyone. My brother has been eyeing this Barbour messenger bag for a new work bag. This is a great gift for your brother, dad, or anyone that just started a new job or college! Then of course, I had to include the Ashby wax jacket. This is one of Barbour's most popular styles! Practically every guy looks great in this jacket, plus it works in so many different temperatures and is weatherproof, perfect for the winter months.

As for non-Barbour gifts, my boyfriend is a huge Yeti fan. So a Yeti tumbler or colster is a great gift for a guy in college. Also, Smathers and Brandson has some great small and larger gifts. For a larger gift their needle point belts are great! They come in so many designs and you can really find one customized to the guy you are shopping for. Then a keyring is a great stocking stuffer for a college student or someone who just got their license or permit.  Of course cologne is always a great option as well. I love the Polo Black scent! But, obviously there are a million different options out there, and you can usually find a gift set for a great price around the holidays. Gift sets like this Kiehl's men's set also make great gifts. I mainly love this set because of the Mickey holiday packaging (because duh). Last but not least, a great watch is a perfect Christmas item! I love the look of Shinolas, but there are a lot of splurge worthy watch brands that fit a lot of different styles.

I hope this gift guide gave you some ideas on what to get the guys in your life! These are all gifts I will be giving, or have seen the guys in my life love! 

Need some more inspiration? Check out this OG Sew Cute Style gift guide for guys from 2013 or this Guy Gift Guide from 2015 for more inspiration.

What gifts are you planning to get for the guys in your life? Let me know in the comments below! 

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