Monday, December 7, 2015

Sew Cute Holiday: Guy Gift Guide

coffee table book | cool sneakers | bottle opener 

Sometimes buying gifts is impossible for guys. But, over the years I kind of figured out what guys like. Well, "kind of". My dad and brother are SUPER into cars so anything car related is a safe bet. So, that's all I have to reference! But, I know my brother gets excited over hats (beanie or baseball cap), anything technology related, or a nice new t-shirt. With my dad we usually just find something cool that has something to do with cars! I recently picked him up a pair of driving gloves from Italy which will make the perfect gift. 

When it comes to guys, just think about what they like! A lot of these gift ideas can be personalized based on the guy you are shopping for. A coffee table book is a cool gift for a guy who just got an apartment or has a niche interest. 

To pick out a watch, pair of sneakers, or a dress shirt just pick whatever you think would match their personality and personal style! When shopping for my boyfriend I know he's going to like anything preppy, red white or blue, and classic. While my brother would be the opposite! When picking out gifts for guys just go with your gut feeling. 

My go-to place to get stuff for guys is Rowdy Gentleman! I love their Reagan Bush collection and they have awesome vests, pullovers, and crewnecks that make great gifts for the holidays! 

What are your favorite gifts to give guys? Let me know in the comments! 

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