Friday, December 4, 2015

Apartment Inspiration

As second semester roles around, I am getting more and more excited to decorate my own room! The past two years I've lived in both a dorm and my sorority so I haven't had a room totally to myself to decorate how I want. So, I am so pumped to get to create gallery walls, add cute trinkets, and make my room my own. Surprise, surprise I already have been collecting pieces for the apartment (since last spring). When the Lilly for Target collection launched I bought a ton of stuff for my apartment (click here to see my haul and click here to see my shopping trip!). From mugs, pillows, a pouf, plates, and drink ware I will be decked out in all things Lilly! For my bedroom the theme I am going for is mainly inspired by the pillows I picked up from Lilly for Target (pictured in the upper left hand corner). The room will mainly revolve around pink, green, orange, blue, and yellow. AKA every color under the rainbow! 

There are also some pieces I am bringing from my old sorority room to my apartment. Last year I painted a bunch of canvases which go along with my theme for this bedroom! I also have a set of Lilly Pulitzer storage pins that I hope to showcase somehow (they are adorable!). In addition, I am bringing back my favorite Mike Wazowski mug and my white light up arrow sign. 

A few pieces I have picked up over the summer and recently are some Trendy Sparrow prints, a white ceramic dog statue, and a few other nick-nacks! I also decided that my bathroom will be a white, pink, and navy theme. I got a white and pink striped shower curtain, a navy rug, and some other bath accessories. 

Basically, I am just really pumped for apartment life. Be on the lookout in January for an apartment bedroom tour! Also check out my Dream Apartment board on Pinterest for more of my inspiration!

What does your apartment look like? Let me know how you decorate in the comments! 


  1. I'm obsessed with using pinterest and finding random gems in antique stores to decorate my place. Can't wait to see more on your space!

    Miche from Buttons and Birdcages

    1. Pinterest is the best! There will be an apartment tour up as soon as I get it all set up, stay tuned :) thanks for reading!

  2. I love every single thing you featured! Nothing beats gorgeous whites and pinks and lots of natural light. (:

    Coming Up Roses

    1. Thank you! Hopefully my apartment turns out as good as the Pinterest photos! Thanks for reading :)