Monday, December 14, 2015

OOTD: Houndstooth Coat

During the last few days in London it got pretty cold. It was very windy with low temperatures of 45 degrees or so. Luckily, my parents were able to bring over a warmer coat for me as they were visiting me for 10 days! But, sadly my brought my wrong houndstooth coat along for the journey. However, I got to wear my old favorite go-to piece for the trip. 

A houndstooth coat is a major stable for me. I love the print and it is classic black and white which matches basically anything! This one is my older coat #tbt but I have a more recent houndstooth coat which is a little more subtle in print. Nonetheless houndstooth is a major go-to for me. 

While in Notting Hill we explored adorable colorful houses with the most amazing doors. If you couldn't tell from my Instagram I kind of have a major obsession with doors. I don't know why but I just love how all the houses can be the same and then all of the doors are different. Or that people paint their doors bold colors to stand out. Hopefully when I'm a homeowner I can deck out my door in a bright bold hue (without the neighbors hating me for it!). 

In this look I am simply wearing my coat with a pair of jeans and a button down underneath. London probably has one of the worst climates to take outdoor OOTD pictures in. It's always damp, semi-cold or rainy. So, this was the best I could do! 

Where it's from: 
Coat: Macy's (from a billion years ago) 
Jeans: American Eagle 
Bag: Longchamp 
Boots: Michael Kors 
Scarf: H&M 
Shirt: Ralph Lauren Polo 

What's your favorite coat or outerwear staple? Let me know in the comments!